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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Tools, My Rules...

I decided to change the shape of the cook top this morning.... About 3:00AM.   Why do I always wake up about that time, thinking of something to change?  Then after an hour or so, I drift off again...

Anyway, the black paint on the bottom of the slide is going to work well.

I also got the wood shelf bottoms cut and sanded.

Then Widget took over... At least that's my excuse.

He came in and sat on my ruler, scissors and various other items. There he sits...Looking a bit mad and threatening to fall asleep on the spot.

See the plastic bag by his front feet?  He at least found my lead tape for me.  I am grateful for that.

I guess I could move him, but I am not too worried.  I have to get ready to go to the Witchy meeting anyway.  I have to find something to take along. 

Maybe lace or maybe something completely different....  It's one of those days.  I want to do something other than what I have been doing....Maybe I will just sit and pout.  Widgy stole my tools!
I am starting to work on a  new under counter, with an oven in the center section.  Maybe a curve away from the stove front... Just playing so far.

I propped it up on the yellow tape just so you could see the tape.

It is masking tape that I found at Walmart in the school supply section.  I know it is going to come in handy for something.  Yes.... It really is the right size.  The one inch sections are 1"!  I have a feeling that it is going to come in handy some day soon.  Anyway, I thought it was cool.  Measure and paint at the same time.

I am off now to get ready to go.  I have to leave soon.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. The kitchen is looking good!
It's nice to see Widget again. I see he is being a typical cat..... sitting on the project you wanted to work on. They know!
I love the yellow masking tape that's also a ruler. I can think of a few projects for it. I'm sure you will too.

Simon said...

Hey Casey
It's great to see the cabinets coming along so well, must be thanks to your little helper there!
Love the tape!!
Take care

De said...

I really like the direction you are going with this kitchen. Can't wait to see how it ends up.

Sometimes, when I wake up with an idea like that, I have to get up right then to execute it or I can't get back to sleep. Hope that doesn't happen often during the school year. I start back to work next week. :-)

Lucille said...

Widget looks so cute! Of course, you have to leave his paw where it is. Cats are royalty and they cannot be disturbed nor displeased! What they say goes! They are the rulers of whatever household they inhabit! lol! I like that tape. Thanks for introducing it. I look forward to seeing your work on the counter!

Vivian Fox said...

Hi Casey,
Your kitchen is coming along really well, I'm looking forward to more pictures and progress!!
Widget is soooo cute, how could you have the heart to move him? Yes, I think I'd do the pout and the meeting :)
All the best

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Now I have to go find that tape! I like your middle of the night inspirations. They are always fantastic ideas and I like the change to the stove. Widget is sooo cute. he just wanted a little time with his mommy!
big hug,