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Saturday, July 5, 2014

If All Else Fails.....

Go do something else...

Actually, this is something I did yesterday.  I have been seeing these rubber band bracelets all over the place lately.  They make a loom $$$ and boxes of rubber bands$$$ sold separately.  They are aimed at kids.  Or maybe I should say, parents that want to keep kids occupied.

I ran onto a U Tube video showing how to make the same bracelets, using two fingers or two pencils.  I found just the rubber bands in the jewelry department, cheaper than in kids crafts and decided I wanted to have a go at it.    This is the results of about one hour of work, yesterday afternoon.  OK....The six year old can go back to minis.

This morning I went into my workroom and decided that I should get back to work on Daisy's cottage... The bathroom, to be specific. 

I had an idea for a sink.... I won't go into it except to say... Don't try this at home.

I was using air dry clay a piece of cardboard tube and half a ping pong ball... Tessie bounced in the room and asked...."This is going to be a what???" Then she quickly left.

After an hour's work, I decided that it was a silly idea and quit.  It looked like a two year old did it. 

I forgot that paper clay just doesn't smooth out as well as poly. 

Tessie shoved me away from it and dumped the thing in the garbage.

Then she informed me that her hat show was in dire need of repairs and cleaning. 

That seemed like a better idea than making another run at a sink. 

I'm out of the mood now. 

I did accomplish something.  She is back in the hat shop planning a big sale now.

That should keep her out of my hair for a while.

Back to the drawing board.  Why didn't I just make the sink that I had a photo of.  Much simpler.  I hid my paper clay and am going back to sane ways of doing things now.

See you tomorrow.


Julie said...

oh dear- poly clay has its uses, but not as a basin it seems!
Love your loom bands- I haven't made any and don't intend to, but yours look really colourful, and without the unnecessary expense of the 'official' loom and bands too!
Have a great weekend, Casey!

Caseymini said...

Julie, it was the paper clay that didn't work. Poly clay would have done the job just fine. Sometimes experimentation doesn't pay off. Next time I will use poly clay.

Smaller Places said...

The paper clay plan sounds totally logical until the moment it doesn't work.

It's probably several steps ahead of the day I tried to build a 1:6 toilet from the plastic lid of a spray paint can, a cardboard box, and bias tape -- at which point I discovered I'd somehow found nothing but substances that can't take the same paint all at once. I've destroyed the photos of that fiasco.

Julie said...

Oh, I see... hmmmm I've never heard of paper clay? Maybe it is what we refer to papier mache here, although that is added thin layer by thin layer over the whole project.

Julie said...

oh, and experimentation is great- gotta just go with the ups and downs of it- I love watching your experiments!

Caseymini said...

Julie, paper clay comes in several different brands. The one that I use is called Model Air and is put out by It is basically a clay made with pulp. A lot of people use it for rocks and other textured surfaces on houses. The outside rocks on Daisy's cottage are made of it.

Caseymini said...

Oops! I left out Crayola as the maker of Model Air in that last comment.

Julie said...

Thanks for that info Casey- I'll see if I can find some here- we have Crayola products here so hopefully the paper clay will be around too.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The sink might not have worked out, but I like the idea.
Tell Tessie I hope the sale will be successful