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Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank Goodness There's an Elph....

Walter is out of town, playing golf, so I am DEEP CLEANING the workroom.

While doing so, I found my big old photo album of minis... Nostalgia time.

Most of the photos have held up pretty good, but I was disappointed to see the ones from the first NAME National the I went to in Anaheim have faded to almost nothing...

The first photos are of the Pat and Noel Thomas Octagon House...Those are the ones that I wish were still good.  That is my favorite mini house in the whole world.  Yup, even better than Queen Mary's or Colleen Moore's.  It is an amazing house...
I didn't care so much about this one.  It was the first thing I ever showed anywhere other than Tucson.

I don't mind at all.  I still have the real Regency Room, so it doesn't matter.

Thank goodness for the ELPH 115 IS.  Hopefully the new photos will not fade away.
It was interesting to compare the photo to the real thing though.

I am now wondering where I put the little carved bench in the first photo.  I did that one...

I replaced it with two "Take a Seat" chairs of the period, somewhere along the line.

I later decided that I didn't want the curtains and took them down.   

And Yes.  That is the same woman.  She just got rid of the blond hair and became a redhead.

It is interesting how, if you keep a room box long enough, it changes with the times... And your taste.

I never did like the bottled blond or the curtains.  One thing nice is, you can change things to suit yourself.  And I did...

OK.... I am just stalling now.  I have to go back to work.

Maybe I will find something weird in the closet tomorrow or under the desk.  I am really getting rid of stuff I wonder why I saved in the first place.

The garbage and recycle guys come on Tuesday....I had better get at it and dump some more stuff in the bins before something jumps out and grabs me by the ankle.

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It really is a shame those great pictures faded so much. the roombox you made is lovely. I think it's a good thing to rework a miniature scene after a while. Our tatses change, our techniques get better, and I think you fall back in love with an old project when you breath new life into it.
Have a good day cleaning.
big hug,

Steinworks said...

I have to clean too but Im not in the mood, maybe tomorrow I will get to it :)


Troy said...

I wish I had pictures of some of my old projects! Thanks for posting.

12Create said...

I tried to find old photos of my projects recently but can't seem to find them. I think I'd better have a tidy up of my photo boxes.

Fabiola said...

Beautiful photos. Your roombox is gorgeous.