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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


And the beat goes on...

I have six drawers left to do.  Come to find out, the ones that I left until last were the easiest to do.  Those are the ones on the left.  I have four big ones and two small ones still to glue on.  They are already cut.

Then I will still have to paint the frames.  That shouldn't take long.
I did a little work to the chair yesterday.  The nail heads sure make a difference.  I always liked that chair, but thought it to be too plain.
 This morning, I went to work on my desk top....Not the computer one.  The real one.

Moved off all of the square jars with pens, pencils and tools in them.  Then I moved in some Portuguese, hand painted chocolate cups. I found them in a thrift shop years ago, for cheap.  There was no pitcher with the set.

I also moved in a black vase to hold pens and pencils.  The bottom of a glass soda straw holder for rulers and other tall implements of destruction...

I covered the ugly Direct TV machine, with a linen place mat and some doilies.  The secret to this is to make sure that there is a hole where the little blue light can be used.  Now all I have to do is something for the surround of the TV screen.  Picture frame or maybe molding cut to size...
I fancied up the desktop with some of my antique sewing collection. 

The pincushion at the bottom left is one that I made.  I found the napkin ring in a thrift shop...It has my grandma's maiden name engraved on the side.  I simply filled it with batting and covered that with a small scrap of silk velvet that I had in my stash.  The napkin ring that Tessie is sitting on has an eagle on either side and was one of my great grandmother's.  I collect flower frogs and use them to hold scissors. 

April made the blue vase that holds my paintbrushes.  It is one of my favorite pieces.  I wish that she would get back to that and do more.

The disc with the peacock on it, is the top of a box.  I imagine that at one time it was silver plated.  It only has a little on the bottom now.  Someone thought it would be a grand idea to clean it...No more silver. When I got it, it still had really old pins in it.

One more thing.  The basket that you see in the background is one that has been around since the turn of the last century.  It was my grandmother's egg basket on the farm and it was handed down to her from her mother.
That's where I left my glasses!  Just kidding.  Those were also my great grandmother's.

I tried to cover some of the modern day equipment with older stuff that I had laying around.

I still have a long way to go to make the room look Steampunky, but I am getting there.

There is a pin at the top right, pinned to a pincushion that I made.  It was from Walter.  He knows me.  At one point, I had two of them.  One got lost in the mess, so I went out and bought another one... Of course, a couple of days later I found the first one.

It was from back in the 80s.  It has one of those little 80s cartoon creatures... The sign reads, "I'm not messy.  I'm creative.".  That's going to have to be my motto for a while, until the room gets finished. Thanks Walter!

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
you have been busy. the steampunk theme is great and your room is looking fantastic. I love the chair!
Big hug,

Greatgrandma said...

You are amazing and such an inspiration. Thank you.


12Create said...

That makes me want to look around my house and find some fun containers for my pens, rulers etc.