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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just Wait Until I Finish...

Then you can laugh if the faucets don't turn out...  I did this once before and nobody knew the difference until I told them. 

The tub is coming along nicely.  After I took the photos, I did see one spot on the top edge of the tub that needs more sanding or more spackle.  Easily fixed. It's not fastened down yet.
 Now about those faucets.  A few years ago, I bought an antique style kitchen sink that was a bargain because it was missing part of the faucet.  I fixed it and nobody was any the wiser...

This is just the first step.  There will be sanding, crack filling, the addition of thread to add detail and then painting.  Hey!  I promise.  They won't look like cut up toothpicks when I finish. Honest!

What can I say?  I don't want to order a new faucet and wait for weeks for it to get here.
This morning I was over at our new Walmart.  I have been looking for something to store larger beads in.  The plastic boxes I use hold a lot, but they aren't very practical for larger beads.  They fill up fast.

I found 12 of these canning jars for 6.97 plus tax... That adds up to about 60 cents a jar.  You can't beat that.  Unless you want to use leftover plastic peanut butter jars. No thanks.  Who ever heard of plastic jars for Steampunk storage?  Besides these were just the right size.

The shelf will probably go on a wall somewhere, but I wanted to see how many of the jars it would hold.  If need be, it would hold eight more.  I am going to stick with the ones I have right now. 

Of course, that leads to the reorganization of the bead shelves...  Somehow I keep making more work for myself, instead of less, lately.  Here we go again!

See you tomorrow.


Vivian Fox said...

Hi Casey
The jars look amazing and I'm dying to see the taps when you have put your magic touch to them!
All the best

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I have used mason jars for beads for a long time now and I can attest to the effectiveness of them. They look really good on display just as your photos indicate.
My primary reason for commenting however, was to commend you on your faucet and taps! WOWEE! These are going to be Fantastic! I know that you have not fine tuned them as yet,( as you have already mentioned ) but the framework is in place and they are going to be Sensational!!!

Pinterest, Here they come!!!! :D


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I can't wait to see the faucets. Terrific idea and I know if anyone can do it, it is Casey.
Big hug,

AM said...

Hey Casey, YEAH for the faucet and taps! What a great idea... will probably copy our idea ofcourse give credit where credit is due ;)
I am just like you... I hate waiting for mini materials, when I get an idea I want to do it right now. The jars as a storage solution is great idea.

Hug AM