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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Genuine Witch Made Labels...

OK...So I couldn't wait to try out the new thread.  I like the color. 

Tessie came in whilst I was working, with a gleam in her eye... Of course, even before I tell you, you know that she wants the chair... One in a LONG line of chairs.

(sidebar)  See that garbage bag and bin behind Tessie?  That is proof that I am making progress!  Goodwill or Salvation Army is going to be very happy with me when this is over!

We came to an agreement, when I was too tired to argue anymore... Unfortunately, I traded the chair for label making. 

She can handle the label maker.  I usually have to keep it hidden or there would even be a label on the cat.  It would say..."This is a cat.  His name is Widget..."  And it would go on until Widget was covered head to toe in labels... It would include one that said, "Casey needs to trim Widget's nails..." etc. etc. etc.

While cleaning, I found the boxes of microscopic slides that I got from Sue in that bunch of mini stuff that I got last year. 

I had never opened this small box.  I assumed that it was more of the long rectangular slides..

Wrong again.  It contains tiny, paper thin glass slides... Just about right for 1/4" and smaller scale windows.  I will NOT go off on a quarter inch tangent right now.  I am doing too good at getting the mess cleaned out.

Now.  About those labels... Tessie found some that I was trying out for the Steampunk project...

She seems to think that there are Airship Pirates in the neighborhood... I don't know who is going to see the warning, besides me.

She explained that it makes her feel a lot safer...???

Anyway, I now have Steampunk plastic drawers, according to her.  They still look like plastic drawers to me...  With labels that are going to curl or I will have to scrape off with a razor knife later... Oh well...It kept her out of the way, most of the morning. 

I think that Zar and Spike are in hiding... Discretion is the better part of valor when Tessie gets a hold of the label maker...

I guess I am going to have to distract her by working on the chair and when she is absorbed in the process, I will discreetly take a break and the label maker will mysteriously disappear...

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I agree with Giac that seeing you cleaning you workroom
inspires others to do it also. My
room, known as the Craft Room, has never been totally organized, but I keep working on it.
It is a monumental task, owing to the fact I started with a 9 x 11
bedroom for a sewing room and a
14 x 24 hobby room in my other house, which I am attempting to squeeze into one 9 x 10 room here. But HOPE FLOATS!


Lené said...

Tessie is being very sensible. You just NEVER know when airship pirates decide to target your home! Maybe she can give me some lessons in label making. I bought a label maker at Office Depot's closing down sale last December and still haven't opened it. I might also start to label everyone and everything in the house hehehehehe.

Caseymini said...

Lene, the best way to learn is to take it out and play with all of the bells and whistles. Please note that Tessie found a spider on the machine. All of her labels begin and end with a spider! Just the push of the right buttons. If Tessie can do it, so can you!

mcddiss said...

veo que estas en plena construccion de una nueva silla , y que Tessie sigue en su linea, estoy deseando ver esa silla terminada , y seguro que esos pequeños cristales encontran su sitio



Giac said...

Hello CVasey,
You better be might wake up one morning covered from head to toe in labels.
Big hug,