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Monday, May 26, 2014

No Smoking Please!

 When you run across a mess like this in the midst of cleaning your workroom, what do you do?

To sort or not to sort, that is the question...
The answer is NOT to sort. 
Instead, you start having fun, making Hookah Pipes...  Hence the No smoking sign.  They are strictly for decoration around here.  If you give Tessie or Zar a match, they will burn down the house.

If you have need of one of these, they are very easy to make. 

All you need is an assortment of beads, jewelry findings, some head pins and some coated wire.

To put them together, you need E-6000 or some other jewelry glue, some wire cutters, and an exacto knife to strip the ends of the wire.

I found this bunch of wire at a garage sale.  All different colors of stripes and perfect for this project.
The basic structure is... A small bead to stabilize the bottom.  A wide bead cap or in the case of the second  one a couple stacked together.  Then a end cap, a large bead, another end cap, another bead or two or three.  Another end cap for the top.  That one has to face up so that it can hold the tobacco.

The hose is simply a piece of the wire with a rice bead for the mouthpiece and any bead that works for the other end to glue to the middle of the pipe.

I went and put "hookah pipes" in the MSN search and poked images to make sure that I had it right.  There are a LOT of examples there.  Pinterest has a lot too.  MSN leads you to those.

I am going to use one in Daisy's house.  The other two will be sold in the Steampunk  store.

They are really fun to make.  I am going to go back and do a few more for the store, with gears and other oddments.. Some have hoses for more than one person to smoke at a time...

We have the kids coming over in a little while for BBQ.  Enough of this nonsense! I had better go bake the beans.

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Terrific work. those look great and will be perfect in the house.
Big hug,

Judys Fabrications said...

Casey, I agree. I get into a heck of a mess when beading.It's best to just do lots, then tidy up.
I love your tiny creations!

Vivian Fox said...

Hi Casey, these look unreal. Just lovely, something different to have in your house :)
All the best,

Lucille said...

Casey, Casey, they are beautiful!

Steinworks said...

I love them :)