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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Still With the Shingles...

OK...But I have a couple of good excuses...I ran out...And Walter has a cold and the smell was really not good for him.

I did dye more this morning.  There is a plate full that Tessie is sitting on. 

She tosses one up to Zar.  He catches it and hands it to me to put on the roof.  Yes.  It slows me down a bit, but it keeps them entertained and out of trouble...For the time being.
 I started cleaning my workroom yesterday afternoon...

I kept finding all kinds of interesting Steampunky things...I estimate that three of the small Plano boxes and one of the Rubbermaid larger ones will be almost enough to fill the store.

I labeled them and I have two of the three almost filled. 

Only a couple of things in the larger one, so far.
Here's the second Plano box...Various and sundry things, as they say.  Who is "they"?  And why do they get blamed for saying random things, out of the blue.  There's another one.  "Out of the blue"....This could go on all day. 

Back to the box.  I have been using these Plano boxes for years.  I love them for storage of minis....However.  I went to Walmart the other day and found that they have changed the boxes. They now have dark blue dividers and lock type closures... I sure am glad that I have an ample supply of the old ones.  So much nicer.
Can anybody tell me what the small gold thingies in the middle bottom of the photo are?  They look like tiny gold bottles with a ball lid on them... And I my world, that's what they are going to be.

The bronze potbelly stove is a pencil sharpener.  I have had it since before I started doing minis in 1979.  Pretty soon it will be an antique...

The two world globes are....Believe it or not...Earrings! 

The pink plastic things are roman soldiers.  When bronzed or gilded, they make great mini statues.
These are for the "If all else fails" department of the store.  If it can't be fixed with a screwdriver or a hammer....There's always safety pins and hairpins.  If those fail, there is a button hook and a nail file...

I also found Tessie's glasses.  She needs them, but seldom wears them, if she can help it.  She hides them with other small items that will disguise them.  I find them and get her to put them on....In a day or two, I ask where they are and the answer is always the same...."I lost them again.  It's OK though.  I don't really need them."  Then she turns to walk away and either falls off a table or runs into a door.

I really am going to finish the shingles today!!! Seriously!

See you tomorrow.

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Tabitha Corsica said...

Casey, the little gold bottle thingies you were asking about appear to be the weights for a balance scale. At least the scale I have has some weights that look very much like that.