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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Half A Notion...

I painted the upstairs walls this morning. They aren't as dark as they look in the photo.  But the half a notion I have is to find another bed. 

See how Tessie is leaning over?  That's the only way you can get to the top of the bed.  Very crowded.

I need to frame out the woodwork.  The corner needs to be covered.  I figured that would be easier now, than after I put the bathroom wall in... Speaking of bathroom walls...That's another thing I am not happy with.  I have to cut a new wall.  That's going to be fun...Not really. 

I am contemplating hanging a curtain, since Daisy is the only one that will be living here.  Someone asked if the rest of the house is going to be North African to match the rug...Maybe that would be a good idea.  Built in bed along the wall.  Hanging curtains to separate rooms...Hmmmmm......
Speaking of rugs... I got more done last night.  I stitched until I was cross eyed.  I had the grapes in a dark red.  Didn't like them.  Ripped them out.  Now I have them in the same color as the stripes in the first border...Not sure about that color either.

This house has been one turnaround after another.  It's fun, but I want it finished!
It seems to be two steps forward, one step backwards all the way. 

At least I haven't shelved it to go on to other things.....Yet....
I do keep breaking to do other things.  That helps.

I made this ring last Friday, from directions I found on You Tube.  I haven't worked with the Super Duo(turquoise) beads before and wanted to make sure that I understood how they worked, before jumping off a cliff and doing my own design. Each of the beads has a hole running sideways through either end.

I really like this ring.  It looks massive and heavy.  It's not.  I forget I am wearing it five minutes after I put it on... Don't you love that it matches the paint from Daisy's bedroom.  No... I didn't plan that.

I also bought some copper, triangle, double holed beads at the same time.  I got brave and started messing around with those.  I did this Saturday.

Not too bad for a first try at winging it. 

Both types of beads are fun to play with. 

Anyway, I have to get back at it.  If I ever want to finish Daisy's Cottage, there are decisions to be made and beds to be made and curtains to be made and rugs to be made, not to mention a circular tree staircase.  I decided that the tree will come last, along with the landscaping.  I am having to move the house around a lot to work on it.  Having a tree sticking up whilst moving it is not too practical...

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Don't give up...the African style décor sounds very interesting...I can't wait to see where your creative genius leads you next.
Big hug,
p.s. love the rings

12Create said...

Even though that bed is too big for Daisy's house it is such a gorgeous bed. I like your rings too.

Fabiola said...

The bed is fabulous.
I like your rings.