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Monday, March 10, 2014

Miles To Go.....

Don't panic.  The tiles are not glued down.  I am trying to see if they could be painted gray and used as slate... The jury is out...

All I can see is pink.  It is a little better today, but still not all the way dry.  I can cut them with an Exacto knife, still.
Since I can't do anything else with the tiles, I went inside and started installing woodwork in the living room.  So far.  So good.
 I ordered a couple of bundles of casing and chair rail online.  I framed out the doors, installed baseboard and then added narrow chair rail inside the door frame.  Since this opening is not going to have a door, I can get away with that.  The front door will be a different story.  I will use veneer there.

This photo is more the real color of the stain.
While stain and glue was drying, I went out and put three plants in the new tank. 

The guys braved the winds that were blowing through here yesterday to drill holes in the bottom for drainage and fill the thing with lots of potting soil.  Thanks Walter and Seth!!!

Now all I have to do is go find more plants tomorrow...Then water and wait for results.

The only worry is the squirrels.  Not so much eating the plants as burying peanuts for winter.  I have found peanuts in plant pots on the porch, when re potting.  They love digging holes.

Anyway, the glue and stain should be dry by now...Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

they dont look too bad now that I see them down on the floor.

Lucille said...

I love those tiles. I also love the stained woodwork against the dark blue wall! Very rich! You will have a lovely garden. I like that high wall you have! It looks like a cozy little place to hang out!