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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lots of Loops!

Until I started working on this rug, I never stopped to think about all of the loopy things I do... As in stitches...Not as in crazy.

This was fun.  I started it yesterday and finished it this morning.  I did the center with over dyed floss and the outer edge with three rows of DMC floss that matched.

Granted, it isn't very big, but this was just a trial run to see how it looked.  It really does look like one of Grandma Daisy's big buttonhole rugs.  I am definitely going to do more and some that are larger.

As I stitched, I started thinking...I do a LOT of looping.  All of the trim around the open areas on my wicker are looped.  And the edges under the braid are looped.  Every piece of wicker that I do has looping on it.

I do buttonholes and blanket stitch edging.  Needle made lace is all loops.  Some embroidery stitches are just plain loops.

Loops are everywhere if you just look for them.

I even do looping in jewelry.  These bracelets are done in Viking weave with fine wire. I found out that this is considered looping as well as the single loop.

This was a precursor to knitting. It is just a double loop.

OK...So I am playing for time here.  I have to go into town in just a little bit for more  Model Air clay....Completely out and still a lot of house to cover. 

Hang in there.  I will be back at it, as soon as I get home. Maybe even with some more loopy ideas... No snide remarks, please.

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I got caught up in one of your loops, Thank you very much! I love the work that you do with loops and once again I wish to openly admire the wicker work that you produce! Loopy or not, it catches my eye every time!


Bird said...

You have been so busy since I last visited. I've been so busy I have been not visiting blogs as much as I had been. I love your loops. :) You've been doing so much! I can't believe how talented you are. My miniatures are very amateur at this point. I would love to be able to do what you do. Hope all is well. Blessings, Bird

12Create said...

Pleased to hear you are happily loopy, I mean looping. The rug looks great and I just love that wicker chair.

mcddiss said...

una alfombra preciosa, me encanta



claude said...

very bautiful armchair