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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just What I Needed....

 More tools...

I was wandering around our new Walmart this morning and found these!  Actually, I have been looking at them for quite a while.  They are mini jeweler's pliers.  There is  a pair of each...Needle nose, chain nose and wire cutters.

Never mind the handy dandy carrying case.  I can come up with something prettier than a cheapo blue bag to carry them in.

The reason I finally broke down and got them was...They will be handy for getting into tight spots in mini scenes as well as handy to carry around for jewelry making...See?  Multipurpose!
The other thing that I have been looking at for a while is this tiny crafter's iron.  I already had the Quilter's  Cut and Press mat and decided that it would be much easier to pull that out and grab the mini iron, than to set up the double wide ironing board.  Sometimes I only need to press something the size of a handkerchief or smaller. 

All of the pliers and the iron came to a total of  well under twenty dollars, so I think that alone justified my purchase. 

Now I don't have to drag out the big ironing board anymore and now I can put my jewelry tools in my purse and make rings and things anyplace, anytime.

When I got back, I went to work on the rocks again.  I finished the body of the house. 

Now I can start working on the porch.  That is, if I can persuade the Terrible Two to go somewhere else whilst I turn the house around.

I need to go cut out the porch pieces in wood now.  At least I won't have to mess with the crenelations!  Enough already!

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

que buena compra y que buen precio



Steinworks said...

we must be on the same wave length, I went to Wallyworld this morning too but I spent way more than 20.00...I'll keep an eye out for those mini jewelry pliers

thanks for the tip
Marisa :)