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Friday, March 14, 2014

Field Trip...

I did manage to finish one mini basket yesterday.  And as usual, as soon as I did, it was stolen.

I took the day off from painting rocks.  So, I had to find something else to do.  I have lots of baskets that need to be finished.  I am never at a loss for things to work on.

This basket has three good sized nuggets of turquoise attached to the front.  It will probably go somewhere in Daisy's cottage if I can get it away from Tessie.  She is currently trying hard to convince me that Daisy doesn't like baskets...
I also worked on a different rug for the living room of Daisy's house.

What you see at the bottom of the photo took several hours.  The pattern is one that I did for the Regency room box, years ago. 

It is the right size and shape for Daisy's living room. 

The pattern is one from a needlework newspaper from Germany.  It is from the early 1900s.  It may change as I stitch.  I like the outer triple border with the leaves.  I might put something else in the center.  We shall see.

I am still working on a basket for April's cats too.  I got a few more rows done since you last saw it.

That is about all I have to report this morning.  I am going over to April's place to give her a lesson in basket making.

On the way, I am going to stop at the Mini Time Machine.  The only problem is, I am going to have to set a time limit or I will never make it to April's. 

Field trip, here I come!

See you tomorrow.

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12Create said...

Love the little basket with the turquoise. I am sure Daisy would love it despite what Tessie says. I also love the border of the rug pattern and look forward to seeing what you put in the middle.