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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This Will Never Do!

 I had to start from scratch on the porch this morning... After all of the work on the stone inside, Tessie interrupted.

"This will never do! Daisy and I won't allow these awful porch posts..".

Now she tells me.  After I stood the house on it's side, propped up by a can of spackle, reaching in sideways to do the work... It would have been so much easier if she had told me to remove the porch before I started the work.

So.....I proceeded to pull out the porch posts that I already had glued in.  What fun!

After I got them out, I measured twice and cut once the pieces to fit in the area. They are just propped up in the photo.  I wanted to make sure that they were right, before I got serious about a whole new porch.

Everything fits right.  Now I can proceed to cut pieces with Luan Plywood.  I still need to cut some half inch strips to fit under the porch too. I am not sure what happened to the ones that came with the kit, if they indeed did come with the kit. 

They wouldn't be long enough anyway.  I think that they were recessed from the front edge, as I remember.

I think that this fits better with the overall appearance of the house as it is now. I may still add crenelations to the top edge of the porch now that it is solid.  We shall see...

Maybe I should just leave it this color and turn it into a White Castle... Do mini people like mini burgers?  No groaning please! My train of thought is slightly derailed this morning.

I did notice that this old batch of Model air is not the same color as the new... I wondered about that when I started working with the new stuff.  I didn't remember it being this white... It wasn't. It drys just a little grayer. I think that it will be OK when painted.

Anyway, I have to shoo Tessie out and get back to rocking now.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

You're right, Casey! It looks much better like this! A lot of work, though!

Lené said...

It is looking very good. The new porch is adding a lot more "charm and picturesque-ity" to the house heeheehee.

12Create said...

Yes, I like the new porch.

Caseymini said...

Lene, may I borrow your new word? Picturesqueity. I like that.

Elga said...

I also like the new porch better. Isn' t it frustrating when they keep on changing the formula of clays and stuff the whole time?

chapchap73 said...

I liked the old porch, but have to say I like the new better! How is the terra-cotta clay coming along?

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I have to agree with the others in that the new porch is an improvement now that you have made the change. It is more in keeping with the castle-like exterior that is going on. Good call Tessie! :))