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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Movie Trays Rock!

I decided this morning that I would use the new movie refreshment trays for the stones in Daisy's cottage.  I am very happy with them.

They are about half again as thick as the old egg cartons and give a depth that the egg cartons don't.

The first photo is just with the egg cartons glued on in pieces.  As usual, I do a lot of bending to go around corners, like the lip over the edge of the floor.  Another way to add depth to the rocks.

The second way is to use a stylus on the cracks between the rocks... Couldn't find the stylus.  Used a  lacquered, fancy chopstick.  It worked really well on the thick cardboard of the movie tray.

The third part of the depth thing was torn pieces of the movie tray.  The piece at the bottom of the photo was the same as the one on the bottom corner stone and the top on along the edge of the wall.  Those just get glued on with a lot of glue, so that the edges will not come up when I get to the painting part.

I sanded down the stucco and then painted it with  a sort of Trail Tan color.  I didn't have enough Trail Tan, so I mixed Territorial Beige with antique white.  These were all Ceramcoat paints.  I have given up on other brands.  One coat of the ceramcoat is like two of the others. 

As for Tessie, Zar and Spike....  Spike is the smartest.  He zapped himself up to the roof without any difficulty at all. 

Tessie is still pushing buttons and keeps bumping her head on the ceiling for some reason.

Zar?  He is playing it safe.  He went and got the ladder... Did I mention that when Zar was experimenting with the cuffs yesterday, he couldn't catch Spike to mess with the collar.  I may have to write to Daisy and have her send a couple more cuffs.  I discovered that Zar used parts from the two extra cuffs to "fix" his and Tessie's. 

Next time, I won't give them out until I am sure that they won't try again to get them to work in other places.  I think that Daisy did something to make them fool proof...

I have to go tear more movie trays now.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Everything is coming along beautifully! Good for Zar! He's a smart dog. I always knew it!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, thanks for being cheerleader for team Spike. He appreciates it!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The thicker carton look great. The house is really coming together fast.
Big hug,