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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Checks and Balances...

This is one of those things that could take longer that I expect it to.  I am still on the roughing it out stage.

I have established where all the lines will be, now all I have to do is take away a little at a time... No adding to it if I slip.

Taking photos can tell me where I am not quite right.... I just noticed that the left toe is somewhat different than the right one in both shape and size.

Notice, I didn't say anything about one heel being a bit smaller.  That's because the smaller heel will attach to the larger one, thus making them the same size.  Remember what I said about allowing for thickness of the wood.  This is where that is important.

Here you see the tools that I am using.  I only use a few of the small files, but they come in a set, so I have to buy all of them. 

I confess that I use the emery board, cut in four pieces more than the files.

This is how they will fit together.  the one on the right is a whole separate piece.  If I do it right, it will look like one continuous piece of wood.

I see a bump on the back of the right one's head.  Somebody fetch the file!
I do keep checking to see what is happening with the pieces. 

I put the two leg pieces together with Elmer's School Glue stick to try it in the space.  The Elmer's is washable.  Thus can be easily taken apart.

Tessie and I, after putting our heads together, are wondering if the top should be just a little bigger.  For once we are in agreement.  I am going to try a larger piece maybe just a half inch larger across the back.

The other thing is, the table top was cut out of a different piece of walnut and I run the risk of the top not matching the leg after I finish.

That will make it stick out a little more from the bay and maybe, in the long run, give them a little more room to move.  It will take up more of the area, but the chairs won't have to sit so far into the space either.  We shall see...

I am going back to carving.  Tessie is poking at me with the pointy end of one of the files.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

The legs are looking good! It will be a very cozy little corner once you're all finished with it! A nice little breakfast nook!

HoneyMelone said...


Greate detailed work! you are a good carver.

Hugs honey