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Monday, February 24, 2014

Year Seven, Day Two...

Thanks for all of the kind words yesterday!

I have the crenelations on the top of the living room bay.  Now all I have to do is more stonework....and more stonework. 

I used foam core to do the basic structure.  After I put the Model Air over it, it will be hard as a rock....Sorry about the pun... 

I did cut the ledge off of the edge.  I still need to take the one off of the bottom of the bay.  I will do that before I start stoning it. 

In case you wondered about the top edge of the porch roof, I am thinking that it would look better with wrought iron.  Too much crenelation can be too much.
Meanwhile, up in the bedroom, I tried a mock up of the hanging  bed out for size.  I made it a twin.  After all, there is only one resident in the house.  Or there will be.

Yes.  It is floating... I had to see what it was going to look like even if there isn't a roof to hang it from.

I got there just in time to keep Tessie from testing it.  All beds must pass the trampoline test, you know.  Never mind that it isn't a bed yet...
OK.  To prove that it could be dangerous, I had to show Tessie what was underneath.  There are three small layers of foam core under there. The real one will actually hang.

The ropes are telephone wire that I bought at a garage sale.  Hey!  Whatever works!

She is no longer interested in trying it out.  She did however, tell me that there will be a vigorous swing test when the real one is in place... I do hope that she doesn't get sea sick all over Daisy's new bed!

I have to run now.  We are going to see the first showing of the day of Kevin Kostner's new movie.  Then lunch at Red Lobster.  I have to get ready.

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

Enjoy Kevin's movie (aren't most of his movies 3 hours long?)


PS what type of glue are you using to adhear the clay to the foam core walls?

Caseymini said...

Marisa, it's plain old Aileen's tacky. I just put it wherever it lands. It spreads out under the clay as I push it around.