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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spritz It and Go...

OK.  The kitchen is officially wallpapered.  I was worried in the beginning because the rolled paper was unruly.  I tried ironing a piece, but that dried it out even more than thirty years of setting on a shelf did.

Then I decided what it needed was moisture and everything was fine.

I used my usual method of madness for straight walls.  I don't recommend this unless you have done wallpaper before.  I learned to do it this way when I was having to do a lot of wallpaper on restoration houses.  Lots of irregular windows and doors on straight walls.

I cut one of the sheets to the height of the wall.  Then I spritzed the Yes glue with just a couple of spritzes of water from my trusty spray bottle.  Not too much.  Just enough to make the top layer the consistency of cream.  If you make the whole thing soupy, you run the risk of getting too much glue and/or water on the paper.  This is paper used for bookbinding, not wallpaper paste.
I also gave the wall just a slight spritz.  You could also run over it with a wet paper towel, but I prefer the sprayer.....

Again, I have been doing this method for a LONG time, so it didn't take me long at all to get the room covered. 

You lay the paper face down and spread the glue on with a bristle brush.  No watercolor brushes, please. 

Then you carefully line up the wallpaper with the side and top edge of the wall.  Smoothing with a damp(not sopping wet) paper towel, you work your way along the first wall.  When you get to the corner, don't try to turn it.  Just bend your paper back on itself and then smooth it into the corner.

Start the next wall, making sure that the paper is still on a straight vertical and continue to the next corner.  Another bend in the paper.  Then the next little bit behind where Tessie is standing. 

By this time, I had just enough paper to turn the corner with about 1/2" on the next wall.  I pasted that down well.

New piece of paper.  I lined up the pattern with the old piece and continued.  Same thing.  Since the bump out is a little shorter, I had to cut about a half inch off of the top.  I did just enough to reach the other wall, where it was taller again.

Notice, I didn't say anything about windows and doors... It's driving Tessie around the bend.  She keeps yelling, "Where's the windows?  What did you do, Casey?"

I just continued doing the same thing until I reached the curved wall.  I went over the whole wall once more to make sure that there were no creases or bubbles.  None.

Each time I reached a new wall, I did the LIGHT spritz with the spray bottle of water on the wood.   I think that gives the wallpaper something to stick to when you lay it down on the wall.

I am not normally a wallpaper person in my real house, or in mini, but I am liking this so far.

The last thing that I did was....Make Tessie happy. After it dried some, I took an Exacto knife with a new blade and, on the wallpaper side, I ran it along the edge of the wood to cut the paper even with the window and door edges.

Unless you have done some wallpapering before and think that you can handle the whole length of a piece of paper at a time, you might want to make sure you have extra paper before you try this.

It does work and I have never had the paper bubble when doing it this way. 

I know that some people don't like Yes glue, but I have been using it for thirty years and have never had any bubble or come off with this method.

Now I have to go decide what I am going to do with the living room...I solved the zapping problem.  I took the second floor out for the time being...Nowhere to zap to...

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I know that everyone has their favorite methods and no doubt much of it depends on where you live, what your working with and how much experience you have with your method and materials of choice. Regardless, your wallpaper application has turned out beautifully and your cuts very clean and tidy.
By the way, your grandson just get Cuter and Cuter every time you post us a photo. Obviously your favorite miniature project! :D


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I think how good a methods is depends on the results...clearly this is a very good method. I really like the wallpaper you chose.
Big hug,

12Create said...

Looking good Casey.

Lucille said...

Great wallpapering job, Casey! I love your chosen wallpaper. It looks very cozy for a kitchen! Looking forward to the rest of the kitchen decor!

mcddiss said...

esa cocina queda muy bien con ese papel de pared, y veo que los dos se han comportado muy bien esta vez



Steinworks said...

hi Casey
what a great tutorial, I've only done a wall paper border and that was back when it was popular to put that up in living rooms so doing an entire room is new to me.

thanks for the tips and Im going to pick up some yes glue


RiS said...

Hi, it it very interesting post. Looks very nice!