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Friday, January 17, 2014

Mac Gyver of Minis....

 Marisa called me that in the comments this morning.  Now if I could just live up to the title...

I went to work on the windows this morning.  I have done this before so I will not go into a lot of detail on the "how to" part of it.

I did the usual cut the plastic to fit with a bit around the edges to attach it to the wall.

These will not be opening windows, so I don't have to worry about fancy framing.

First I use the golfer's lead tape on both sides of the plastic.

Next I colored a few sections.  I wanted a "broken glass" pattern, like they used on the storybook houses in the 20s and 30s.

Totally random.
After that part was done, I put a couple of coats of clear nail polish on the opposite side.  Don't do it on the same side.  You will have a mess.

I tried hard to mess it up whilst applying it.  That's difficult to do, after  trying hard to make the coats of nail polish on nails as smooth as possible.

I stuck them in to try out for size and color, etc.

They worked.  Next step is to frame them out and make everything stick together in place.

Tessie is not to pleased that she can't see clearly what is going on inside anymore.  Too bad...

I fear that the weaver's workshop may sneak back into the workroom shortly...
This magically appeared on my doorstep yesterday.  Christmas is still happening.

OK.  So I ordered it myself, but it was on an Amazon gift card...So it's still Christmas.

I am to a point now where the two kits under the bed are of a larger size and I wouldn't have anyplace to put them if I did build them... And we all know how my mind operates.  Both would get started and stopped a few many times before being completed. 

It is safer to do a small one.  I am thinking that this may turn into a gardener's cottage... Who knows?  It may change it's mind or Tessie may change it's mind or I even might change it's mind before it is completed.

Anyway, change is coming.  Be warned...

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

uh oh..if you are Mac Gyver then Tessie must be Murdoc his nemisis...Oh my



12Create said...

Love the window.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I think that the windows are wonderful and suit the atmosphere of the cottage. I love the way the exterior is looking as well.


Lucille said...

The name MacGyver certainly suits you! The window is looking great and it's funny to see Tessie trying to peek through!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The windows are terrific. they are very well made and add a lot of charm to the building.
Thank you for your comment on my post. I tried to find silk ribbon but it was nowhere to be found! I'll keep looking and try the technique.
Big hug,

Caseymini said...

Giac, if you can't find silk ribbon in your area, try online. I like YLI brand. I just puy that in my search and found that even Amazon carries it. Good luck with your search!