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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Full Speed Ahead....

I am about to tear down the house...Again...  It is for a good reason.  This time I will start gluing and making things fit.

BTW.  Yesterday, all of the talk about un-warping things yesterday, made me nervous.  I hope that you all will think twice before taking drastic measures.  The methods that I suggested are only for when you can't do it another way.  Go slow and think about it before doing anything drastic.  You can first try just weighting the pieces down with books or something else heavy for a while....Sometimes that is all you really need.  This morning the porch roof is a lot straighter and it was just weighted down overnight with the canister of coffee.

What I did on the German Kitchen was a last resort.  Unless you have a house made out of heavy wood, I wouldn't recommend that.

Now to the house at hand.

I played with the tower idea for a while yesterday.  There will be tower...

I simply laid one of the gable ends on a piece of foam core to get the right angle for the base of the tower.  This is just a "see how it looks" trial.  The foam core is not cut to size.

As you see it here, the tower would be six inches square.  I have some other ideas for making it a bit bigger...We shall see.

Tear it down and start for real this time.
I couldn't resist playing with the birdhouse this morning.  I did it with the pieces that you saw yesterday.  With the shingles, the color was hard to put on with both pen and pencil. 

I added some self adhesive gold scroll work, just for fun, but I noticed that it doesn't stick well to the wood.

I am thinking of doing it over with heavy card stock or poster board.  Maybe even watercolor paper would be good.

If I do that, I will add tabs to make it easier to put together and draw a real pattern for you.

Hang in there.  I am liking this one.  I will do it again.

Of course, Tessie thinks it is swell and for her alone.  I am not telling her different for now.  It will keep her amused whilst I work.

She keeps yelling, "Here birdy, birdy.".  I highly doubt that any self respecting bird would come to that call.  besides, I think that the hole needs to be just a bit larger. It's only fit for a humming bird right now...

I also started a couple of wicker chairs for Daisy's house last night.  I worked on those until my eyes crossed and I couldn't see the subtitles on the Korean drama that I was watching. 

I am going to try to work on something that will go in the house at night.  That way I will be ahead of the game when I get to the finish line.  And it will be less boring besides.

Back to Bringing Down the House.

See you tomorrow.


Mereknits said...

You are so creative and imaginative. Looking forward to seeing the house all put back together.

Veronique Blommaart said...

All makes sense now :-) I love the birdhouse. Whatever imperfections you see, they don't show in the picture.
I promise I will go gently should I come accross a warped kit :-)
I don't get the last sentence: what must go on a night and how will you be ahead of the game with that? Am I being very blonde for asking?

Caseymini said...

Veronique, I didn't word that very well. I will be trying to work in projects that will go in the house, like furniture and accessories, while I am watching TV in the evenings. Just call me the silly redhead. Going to reword that sentence soon....

Lucille said...

You have been a busy bee, Casey! I love houses with towers so I'm happy that you're keeping it! I find it adds an element of mystery to a house! I love thrillers with houses that have a tower! That bird house is a little chef-d'oeuvre. It's adorable! I love the colours you have chosen for it and the gold trim makes it look so precious! It really is the most enchanting miniature bird house I have ever seen!

12Create said...

Love the bird house.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You have so many projects going on and they are all coming along great. I love the idea of the tower. Keep up the great work,
Big hug,

Lené said...

That birdhouse is absolutely fabulously quirky and I want one too! Please and thank you for a workable pattern - I think my beginner skills might be up for the challenge.

Cara said...

Oh my goodness I love that little birdhouse so much!! I think heavy card stock, like 110 pound, would do very nicely indeed.

Caseymini said...

Cara,I will try to get around to doing a pattern for the birdhouse soon.

Deni said...

oo that birdhouse is so cute you have some wonderful ideas!