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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Proof of Work 2013

 I am putting these on today to prove that I really do finish things sometimes...

These are the latest... Maybe tomorrow I will put some more up just for fun.

I finished remodeling the Tudor Crooked cottage for Nellie.  She is now happily embroidering the Queen's clothing in her front window.  Daily.

Then, for Widget, I learned to weave baskets with rolled magazine pages.  This is the largest basket I have ever made.  And yes, Widget does sleep in it almost every day.  You have to realize that he has three beds in the bedroom alone.  He's NOT spoiled.  Honest.

 Next was Zar's lair.  This one was a bit more work.  I had to build from scratch, everything that you see in the photo.  The only thing I didn't make was the Doberman and the Eames Chair and footstool.

I really like this one.  Everyone that sees it, wants to move in.

Then there was the music room tower.  It was one long battle with the Terrible Two to get this one built. 

Now that it's done, they are still fighting over it.  I may just have to see if I can contact Mozart to move in.

As it is, the two of them keep locking each other inside and I spend a lot of time getting one or the other of them out.
Last, but not least, the Elf has a sock now.  I finished it yesterday and it works just like I thought it would. 

Elf will never stub his toe on anything and get cracked now....Hopefully.  I think he is going in the camera case with his sock on, just to make sure.

So as the new year begins, I can say with some satisfaction that I did finish a few things.  Yes.  There are still some projects left in the middle of being finished, but I will get to them after the new year....Along with anything else that comes to mind.  Hey!  What fun is it if you have to always finish one thing before you can start another?  None at all!

See you next year.


DollMum said...

Happy New Year Casey (and the terrible 2) - I always enjoy your blog - you are very productive and I know you finish things! Having several projects on the go at once is a sign of a truly creative person.

12Create said...

Well done Casey. You have been productive. I have just gone through my craft room and gave myself a rather big fright at all the unfinished projects and kits I have. My goal is to work through them over the course of the year.

Lucille said...

What is it that you call it? The stream of consciousness method of working? So, that's what it is, starting a new project and then going back to the old one and so on. I like that method. I think you accomplished a heck of a lot in one year! Anyways, here's to wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Lucille said...

I'm back, Casey! I forgot to wish the terrible three a very Happy New Year!

azteclady said...

Thank you, again, for sharing your work on all these--and so many other!-projects with us.

Happy New Year, Casey!

PS Just today I was thinking that I should make beds like Wickets for my cats--they keep trying to sleep inside used paper bags, so it's a natural progression *grin*

Fabiola said...

I like your creations.
Happy 2014!