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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cleaning Up for Christmas...

OK.  I have to get serious now.  Only 10 days til Christmas!

I am housecleaning and mini house cleaning as well. I cleared off the worktable and put on a fresh cloth. 

Then, I turned on the oven to clean it... As I suspected, there is no longer a tight seal on the door.  About a 1/2 hour after I turned it on, the smoke alarm went off.  What usually stays in the oven, didn't.  I had to turn it off and wait for the smoke to clear!

I don't know if they can put a new seal on the oven door or not. If not, I will be cleaning by hand....Ick!

Anyway, after the excitement was over.  Not really exciting.  Just irritating. I went back to refurbishing Tessie's hat shop.  A long time ago, it was her first house.

When she commandeered  the townhouse, it was decided that she needed a hat shop. 

When I looked at it this morning, there were hats scattered all over the floor of the shop and a few pieces were missing from the workshop upstairs.

I did find Friskie's hiding place.  That alligator has been loafing in the workroom.  He has his favorite dragon chew toy and a food bowl.  What else does a gator need?

After I cleaned the workroom and replaced the chair that had been borrowed for the last party, I noticed something very strange for a hat shop....

It had everything but a mirror!  How can you see what the hat looks like without a place to try it on and examine it? 

What to use?  I found an old purse mirror with a fancy back.  I stuck a couple of sweater clipsto the back and there it was.  Ready to go! (Long ago people wore them on cardigans. one clip on either side and a chain in the middle. I found these in a bag from the thrift shop.)  It was a five minute project, but it made Tessie happy.

She has been trying on one hat after another... Now I understand why the floor of the shop was littered with hats when I looked in this morning.  I imagine she was using the front windows as a mirror. 

I am putting in a link to all of the entries with hats mentioned.  You may have to wade through them and the "older posts" pages of them, but there are several different hat tutorials in there.  Have fun!

At least she doesn't like corsets, so I don't have to mess with the one in the corner.  She says they are unnatural.  She's right!

I am going back now and clean the oven as best I can....I hate scrubbing it out, but it has to be done.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Well you are not the only one who hasn't cleaned in full-size or mini for Christmas yet. Me too! But you do have your full-size tree up. And I cleaned one of my dollhouses the other day.I blame being behind all on my cat. Since she came here a month ago, I have used up a lot of my time trying to please her. She owns me. HA! I'm told she plays with tree ornaments, so I may not put up a tree. Or I'll not put my hand-painted glass ornaments at the tree bottom. I've had cats in my life most of the time and they are great company, amusing and at times comforting. Also, sometimes a challenge. So Miss Kitty will have to amusing herself today. I'm cleaning!

Steinworks said...

well I have a great excuse for not putting up decorations..I fell and cracked two ribs (unfortunately that doesn't stop you from cleaning or doing laundry or grocery shopping but decorating definately has been put on hold for now)

thanks for the hat tutorial


Ps like Phyllisa I have a new kitten ..well actually he's now a teen kitty that I want to face palm but I dont..I just suffer in silence while I clean..I used to wear knee highs but he's ripped them all up so now I wear socks