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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wood Over Veneer....

Next time, I am going back to actual wood.

Here's the floor of my Empire Room Box. It is solid walnut.  Each piece was cut with an Exacto and a steel ruler.

It was really much easier to do than the veneer.
Here's the layout that I used for the hexagon floor.

I designed as I went.  The numbers are in the order that I laid the veneer.

One thing I didn't like about using the veneer is, it splits and cracks way to easily for my taste.  Too fragile.

The walnut floor above was 1/16" and it cut like a charm.
Anyway, now I know.  Back to the real thing for me. 

If I do another floor out of the box, so to speak, I will use regular poster board instead of card stock.  The card stock looses body when you are gluing the veneer to it. 

Yes, I still have veneer left and will probably try to find a way to use it. Fool that I am.

I made it through and have sanded and sprayed it with Delft Satin finish twice....It still needs more sanding.  Probably one more time will do it and then I will put on the final coat.

Now I am debating whether or not to cover a good deal of the design with a window seat....Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

I am just going to use the six year old mentality.  Train of thought and one thing leads to another....Who knows what is going to come next. 

Tessie is standing over me with a whip and a chair to keep me going...I don't know how it will turn out, but it is going to be finished!

See you tomorrow.


Debra Zachrich said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! But I would definitely watch out if using a 'Satan' finish--there might be all kind of 'devilment' going on in there! LOL

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Your floor looks FABULOUS! I love the 2 tones of the wood that you used and although I know that you have expressed some concerns re: the learning curves that you've experienced, I have to say that your finished floor is to die for! :D


Caseymini said...

LOL, Debra. I never claimed to be a good speller. I will change it later. I am on my way out the door for the Wednesday Witches meeting... Thanks for the heads up!

rietje woudstra said...

WOW Casey, What a great floor!

I love the colors and the pattern you made with the veneer.

I think you need glass furniture to see the beauty of this floor.

Veronique Blommaart said...

For what it's worth: despite the splitting veneer, wobbly card and trouble you went through, I think it looks gorgeous. Maybe the veneer is more suited for smaller projects?
Please don't change the name of the varnish ;-) it's too funny and if anything ever goes wrong with the floor you'll know who to blame :-D

Cara said...

WOW! The floor is gorgeous!

2minimom said...

OMG! That floor is so beautiful. The splitting looks like it worked to your advantage. Thank you so much for sharing it anyway, as it is gorgeous.

12Create said...

The floor looks fabulous.

Lené said...

That floor is just gorgeous! Thank you for answering my questions - and for doing all the difficult experimentation so that I don't have to! I actually have two sheets of 1/16th inch zebra wood with a fine enough grain to pass for mini scale - they are looking like real possibilities now!

Caseymini said...

Lene, I am not sure if zebra wood would cut with an exacto. You may have to use a saw. Other than that, it sounds like a winner!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That floor is magnificent. I know what you mean about the is sometimes difficult to cut and make it do what you want it to.
Big hug,

Marijke said...

What a great floor with the inlays of natural colour... for me it was an eye opener, thank you.
groetjes van Marijke

Fabiola said...

Wow! It's a masterpice!
Greetings, Faby