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Monday, November 11, 2013

Old and New....

April and Amare were here this morning.  April was trying to find a photo of her when she was his age. In two of them, she was wearing shirts that he is now wearing.  I saved one because I embroidered it with Sesame Street characters.  That was her Oscar the Grouch shirt.  The other was one that Walter brought back from a national bowling tournament in 1976.  Unfortunately we didn't find the ones that she was looking for, but I found these.

Other oldies but goodies.  You have seen photos of the overall scene before. but I didn't know that I had close ups of some of the people.
April has claimed this scene and if she ever gets a home big enough for it, I will clean it up and give it to her.

Here are three of the very, very early dolls that I made for it.  I think that this was in 81 or 82. 

The camera and the director's chair of the script girl were from the Anaheim NAME National.  The building was a Ballhagen storefront.It was about the smallest one that they had and all that I could afford at the time.

Everything else in the scene was my work.  I still love the director, with that cigar in his hand, yelling, "Cut!".  He kind of reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock. 

I was quite proud of this one.  It was my first entry in the Tucson Miniature Show and it won Best of Show.

With April and Amare here, I didn't get a whole lot of minis made.

I did get the windows cut out of the outside of the tower...That's it.

Tessie and Zar came by to see what I was doing.  Zar speculated that the hole in the floor was not for a turntable....It was a drain, in case someone wanted to install a bathtub...???  Or maybe someone was too lazy to mop the floor and they could just flood it?

Anyway, I still haven't solved the window problem.  And another problem is in view.  the hinges and the lock by Tessie's head.  I am going to have to think of a way to hide them, without too much blockage of the scene.  And I thought that this was going to be easy....

So much for easy!

See you tomorrow.


Deni said...

This is looking good you do such lovely work Casey

Lady Fanaberia said...

Great photos! :)

mcddiss said...

esa primera escena es todo un lujo, entiendo que tu hija la quiera para ella,



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I love that scene! Your early work was wonderful...the dolls have so much character.
The tower is coming along nicely...when are minis ever easy???
Big hug,