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Monday, October 7, 2013

Tessie's Second Career....

 Yesterday the kids came over.  The first thing that they did was give Amare a new Garbage Truck!  Capital letters for a VIP truck.

Tessie came wandering in whilst Amare was trying it out....He tried it out for hours. 

She fast talked him into letting her try it.

She jammed herself in the cab and proceeded to back off of the foot stool...
Then she decided it would be safer with two foot stools pushed together.  She managed to park it with the back wheels  in the crack between and proceeded to empty one of the cans. 

Did I mention that half a box of Kleenex was torn into pieces and wadded up for Amare and Tessie to have garbage to pick up?

That's Amare in the background, running around picking up garbage for Tessie to dump...The work well together.
Amare didn't altogether trust her to drive the truck, after a couple of close calls. 

It was decided that the best thing for Tessie to do was ride in the compactor. 

There is still a hesitant look on Amare's face.  I don't think it was about Tessie.  I have the feeling that it was about  crazy Grandma Casey talking to the two of them and trying to get photos. 

I think he is getting used to the strange grandma that does weird things.  At least he doesn't run out the front door screaming....He just humors me.

Anyway, when they left, he was strapped into his car seat in the back of the car and that big new shiny garbage truck was on his lap...

Tessie is out of a job.  That's about the normal length of time it normally takes to lose one.  Short attention span. 

We are going to see "Gravity" in a little while....I have a reprieve from flowers and plants until tomorrow.

See you then.


Veronique Blommaart said...

Thank you for sharing this! It brought a big smile to my face. What a blessing to have a grandma that still knows how to play! Enjoy Gravity!

Anonymous said...

Amare is sure getting big, and so fast too.

Katie said...

Looks like everyone had a good afternoon:) and I love the look on Admare's face.. Too cute!

Deni said...

hahaha ON No!!! get that tessie away from that truck Gosh she may demolish the lot! Amare looks like hes having a great time!

Kathi said...

Thanks for sharing your day. Love the photos! :D

Steinworks said...

I think my favorite photo is of Tessie in the compactor..HEHE

Elizabeth S said...

Amare is Adorable! I'm not surprised that he loves his garbage truck, Casey! What does surprise me is that it is in scale! hah!
I like the idea of the rawhide to hold the leaves; Great tip, and so is the railroad ballast, I usually use dried coffee grounds!
Enjoy the movie!