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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All Others Will Be Toad...

I managed to do four large plants and nine seedlings yesterday afternoon.

These are some of the punches I use.  I have five different ones that go into making the geranium alone. The fifth one is hiding somewhere in the workroom...At least I already had some leaves punched with the one that ran away and hid, so it's OK.

Tessie is not letting me get away with anything.  She is inspecting each plant as I finish. No holes or bare spots in any of the larger ones.
I still have six pots to finish. Then I can go back to being a normal human being.....Making plants is sooooo boring!

I used my glue syringe and dotted the end of each of the branches with white glue and attached the leaves with tweezers.

Where I wanted the geranium heads of flowers, I glued on a black rocalle bead and covered it with tiny cupped flowers.  If  I wanted one with just a few flowers, I simply put more glue on the end of the branch and stuck several flowers to it.

Now for the toad part... Walter was about to leave this morning.  He went out to the garage...Came back in and asked when I had put up the sign in the garage...What sign???

I went out and looked.  Sure enough.  Where I park my car, I saw this!

Walter says he didn't put it there.  I believe him.  I didn't put it there.  I believe me.  Tessie didn't put it there.  I believe her.

I have not been in the garage since Sunday, when the kids were here.  I am assuming that one of them put it there.....Otherwise, we have ghosts or gremlins.

Whoever did it, thanks!  I needed that!  It will star in a place of honor.  Now all I have to do is get Tessie to come back in the house.  She is measuring the space to see how many brooms it will hold...Oh!  And one garbage truck!

See you tomorrow.


Susan said...

What a cool sign! Gave me a smile :) Your kids share your quirky humour....

12Create said...

I love that sign. You sound like a fun family. I love the plants too, even if they are boring to make.

Veronique Blommaart said...

Cool sign!!! Nice plants too even if they were boring to make :-)

Deni said...

They look fantastic Casey! love those plants! I looked up those punches to see if I could get at least one and I cant buy them here in Australia, they are in USA.... Oh well I think I have some tiny flowers here somewhere a lovely lady sent me ages ago from the USA, I'll have to go dig them out!