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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Zar's Choice....

Nothing is fastened down.  See that black hole?  I have to take everything out again and cut a door in the back for the transformer.  I tried starting pilot holes for the saw...The back is also oak and very hard!

If Zar wants a fire in the fireplace and maybe a couple of lights, it has to be done.  Yes.  I said Zar. 

Tessie lost the fight for once.  After I got the Antique White Ceramcoat on the walls, which I like, I didn't like Tessie's tie.
 It has no white or brown in it.  And now it really doesn't go with either the paint or the wood.

She is in snit mode...Pouting in one of her many houses, room boxes or shops.  I didn't bother to go find her.

This was her last pleading for the tie.  I did tell her that I would use it for something in another venue for her.  She's still pouting.

Zar, on the other hand, is very happy with his choice... We now have plans for it to be more of an African or Aztec theme.  Maybe a few masks, some jungle plants and woven wall hangings.

I am going to try doing a couple of fire dogs for the fireplace with wire wrapping techniques also.  But that will come later. 

Right now, I have to see about a hidden door.

See you tomorrow.


Lené said...

I'm so happy for Zar! Cannot wait to see how the rest of the decor develops. Poor Tessie, I'm sure she'll get over her snit soon.

hopeful said...

This is looking even more fantastic than I thought it would - and I had already thought it was going to be really great! - Marilyn from Canada

Veronique Blommaart said...

I'm sorry for you Tessie, but really Zar is right. He has impeccable taste! This will be a lovely room and I understand you would have liked to make it your own, but I'm sure Casey will make something fun and unusual for you too. Cheer up!

Norma said...

The staircase looks amazing Casey.