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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Sacrifices That I Make....

No more chess playing....Of course, I haven't played with this set ever....I don't really like chess.

I sacrificed three pieces.  Out of the eight that were that color, these were the three that came the closest to matching in height. I may put a little something on each leg to make it just a bit higher.I can't see making a fuss over legs, if they are never going to be seen. Just lazy, I guess.

The second sacrifice was trimming the rosemary bushes....Partially.  We now have logs for the bin.

I am still working on the fire itself.  I am still not happy with it.  It gives off a healthy glow, but not the effect I want.

I can't put the back in permanently until I get all the wiring just right.  That doesn't help.

Another thing that I am not happy with is the shelves...The lights above them make them look all crooked and not lined up. That's due to the shadows being longer each line of shelves.  I am hoping that they will look better when filled.
You will notice that Tessie hasn't given up the bracelet yet.  She is holding it for ransom until I make her a necklace.  Maybe I can borrow it once in a while, if I promise to return it.

She brought her own book.  So far the shelves haven't been stocked.
I am trying out different chairs for the desk.  This is one candidate.  Zar "borrowed" it from Tessie's workshop in the townhouse.

I do like the zebra skin print, but the chair itself, leaves something to be desired.

I hate to tell Zar that the book catalog that he is perusing is out of date by about 3o years.  It is one that a real mini book business put out and does have actual books inside.

I am going back to playing with fire now.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Does the fire need some ashes or logs on the floor of the pit?


PS I love your work and blog. I wish I had half the talent that you have.

Caseymini said...

Barb, it will have all that and more, but I can't do that part until the rest is done. I still have some work on the electrical, the back of the fireplace and the fire itself, before I can do that.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey, I can see what you mean about the shelves appearing to be crooked because of the shadowing. I don't think that you will correct it by adding accessories, but what about an additional light on the other side of the shelf? It will change the mood and the mystery of the second floor but it may save you from being constantly annoyed with the shadows cast.
Just a thought.


Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, the side light is not the only one causing the problem. The two florettes at the front top also contribute. It's most annoying!i am working on the problem.

claude said...

very cosy,I like veery much