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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Book Shelves for Book Worms...

After I tore down the book shelves the other day, I went to work, looking for a second option...

I found these shelves in my stash and immediately hated them, but I tried them anyway.. Yuck!

 This morning, I went shopping.  I love putting in a couple of words in the msn bing search and punching images.

I punched in "unusual bookcases" and it suggested unusual bookcase ideas.  I found a LOT of amazing bookcase options. 

I looked and looked... Then I went back to the top to look some more.  The second photo on the page hit my eye.  I changed it a bit and didn't use the round one at all.

I sketched a rough pattern and cut out the materials for two of the worm like ones. 
I made the first one and couldn't wait to make the second one before trying it out.

I used a back board of bass wood.  The dividers are sheets of veneer and the outer case?  Plain old black, pattern embossed cardstock from a pad of scrapbook paper. In person, it looks like wrought iron.

The Terrible Two grabbed it, even before the glue was dry or the front edges of the dividers were sanded.

They hung it on the wall with masking tape to see if it worked.

It worked.  Now I can make the other one.  I will probably hang them staggered or with one upside down.  We shall see.

As I do the second one, I will draw up a useable pattern and instructions.  Who knows?  Maybe somebody else would like a book worm bookcase?  Now I have to come up with some kind of desk and chair to go with it.  Back to MSN and "unusual desks".

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

I had a feeling you would go with a modern bookcase for your roombox, I like how this is turning out.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! A terrific solution and a good looking conversation piece to boot! Well done!


Lené said...

I love that bookcase! There's one in our local home decor store that I've had my eye on for a few years now. Yes please, and thank you, for the tutorial! That would be amazing to make in miniature.

Fabiola said...

I like your modern bookcase. A fantastic solution.

12Create said...

I love your bookworm book case. Actually I'd like one of those in my full sized house as well. Very cool.

Hannah said...

I really like unusual furnitures, and your book shelf is funny and beautiful.

Neomig said...

Coool! I'm gonna try this myself!

Sara said...

Muy original, genial,

Deni said...

Now thats what I call a bookcase very interesting!love that, it just fits in to the room brilliantly