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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Piece By Piece...

The foundation of the walls and conversation pit in the Bloomies Box are Elmer's Foam Core.  It is 1/4" thick and very strong when used right.

Here are the pieces that I cut out yesterday. 

See the pieces that are slashed at about 1/2" intervals?  They are only cut about half way through.  That is how you get it to bend.

I worked that out when I started making padded furniture with curves.  I am sure that a lot of people use it that way.  I just don't know any of them.

As you can see from the second photo, the slits in the curves don't show.  Those are on the inside.
It is used on the inside of the pit as well as the front. They will be covered with other materials, so that they don't show.

Until they are dry, I hold them together with quilter's pins.  The ones with the ball heads are so much easier to use than plain pins...Much easier to get out, even through the glue.

I don't have the bottom floor attached to the pit yet.  That will come later.

Here you can see that the top of the conversation pit is level with the top edge of the window frame.  The cushion will be a bit above to make it look like it belongs there. There is a very light pencil line behind Tessie where the cushions will begin.  They will end at the point of the teardrop shape in another curve.

I still have to cut and fit the stairs and the fireplace.  That's the hard part. 

Tessie did something to keep the door from closing.  I had to jam a ruler under the edge, so that you could see it closed...

Somehow, I don't think she trusts me, after the other day when I locked her in.  She learned her lesson, but now I have to fix the latch.  Bad Tessie!

Today is the Wednesday Witches' meeting, so I probably won't get a lot done, but I'm going to try.  Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Raminhos de Pano said...

Estou aprendendo com você a fazer curvas, estarei aqui para continuar a ver seu novo projeto.
Um abraço, Fernanda

Steinworks said...

I like how you sketched it out before you started working on it, it makes things so much easier.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. This building the framework for the room is where I have problems. So I will be following along with you to see how it is done.

Cara said...

I always thought conversation pits were so cool! Then when I moved out of my folks' house I couldn't afford one. Now they're not in style anymore lol. I could always take your lead and make one in mini :)

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is off to a wonderful start! I cannot wait to see more. have fun with the witches.
Big hug,

franca gamberoni said...

You always find out the best solution... Bravo!!! Franca

anna said...

Thanks for explaining work with foam material!! :) Great!

Hannah said...

This is very exiting to follow, great work so far =)

El bichillo Mariangeles said...

Tienes una imaginación increíble, enhorabuena.

2minimom said...

I am thinking I will need a pit like this in real life! It is surely turning out nice. Can't wait to see the fabric..

12Create said...

Tessie looks very comfortable in that conversation pit - perhaps she is going to claim this project for her own too.

Deni said...

Looks very interesting there you go I have my first lesson about foam board!
I haven't really liked building with it, as the corners bend over easily but I can see how to use it sucessfully another way now!
I love the sketching! I do that now I learned that tip from you also!
Fabulous! thank you Casey!

Josje said...

Oh this takes me back to when I was young! So cool! My friends parents had a conversation pit in their house, complete with fireplace and heavily textured walls of course.
In my high school (yes, built in the sixties) we had a huge one, a cross between an auditorium and a conversation pit. It was simply called ' the pit' and it was great for hanging out with friends during lunch breaks and for the huge parties my school used to have. Whether you were on your own or with a few hundred others, it always was a good place to be. Must have something to do with the shape.

Nice project Casey!