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Monday, August 26, 2013

Check and Check Again...

You are going to get tired of seeing this same set of stairs over and over, before I finish this room box.

Today is "How to make rough, smooth" day.

I'll bet you were wondering if I was going to try to fill in all of that roughness on the first five steps with spackle....Nope.
I think I'm onto something.  I remembered that I had some 140 pound watercolor paper.  Very heavy.  I am experimenting with it.  It should take the spackling compound nicely.  We shall see.

In the first photo, you can see that I drew out the silhouette for the stairs and steps on the paper.

The first five curved steps are all the same height.  I cut five strips in the paper that width times the length of the bottom two steps(same length).  Then I continued until I had five strips starting at the same point on the paper.  That insured that the full length of the front of each step would be covered.  From that line, I traced the outline of the rest of the stairs.  Then I traced the log storage hole.
When I cut this out, I had one continuous piece that covered the front of the staircase and the front of each of the curved steps.

Starting at the back edge, I glued it to the surface and when I got to the bottom steps, I wrapped each strip around to the back edge, gluing as I went.

I used pins to hold them in place until dry.

Then I took the whole thing and once again, put it in the box.  It still fits.  Good!  Only about a hundred more dry fits to go...

On to the next step, as soon as I can get Tessie out of the box.  She is still lobbying for Zar to use the Jerry Garcia fabric.  She is so desperate now, that she has promised to let him have the box if he uses that fabric....Some of the rest of you are backing her up....We may still have to give in...Or at least make two sets of pillows that are interchangeable...I can see it now.  Every time Zar leaves the premises, Tessie will change the pillows to her liking...

Meanwhile I finished the body of the bag that I was working on yesterday.  Now all I have to do is find a piece of leather for a handle and a closure.  No hurry.

Back to work on the Bloomie's Box.

See you tomorrow.


anna said...

really interesting to see the progress! Thank you again for showing all this ( and all older things of course! ). I wonder who will win with the fabric! :)

Dakota said...

Wow!!! Your work is amazing.
I expect the progress


Veronique Blommaart said...

Well, reversible pillows would satisfy every one and I get the sense that crossing Tessie is never a good idea!

I love how this is turning out! It is going to be a beautiful room. I'd love to minimize myself and curl up with a book by the fire...

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You really manage to get a lot done is a short period of time. I am loving the roombox staircase.
Big hug,

Deni said...

oh I don't mind seeing the steps a few more times I'm learning lots!!
they are looking fabulous!
Oh that Tessie she is a trick!