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Friday, August 30, 2013

Almost a Success....

OK....The rug is finished.  I knew about half way through that the starting end wouldn't be perfect.

It wasn't.  That's because I forgot to put leader boards in the loom, before starting the weaving...Otherwise, it would have been pretty nice.

I finished the last few rows this morning, knowing that one end would be just fine.  The other end.....Not so fine.

I decided to bite the bullet and finish it anyway.

First I put glue on both ends, figuring that it might help.

It was fine on the finishing end.   I scooted right along and tied square knots.  Nice even and smooth.

I put the bottom end at the front of the photo so that you could see how uneven it is.

It doesn't look terrible, but the glue is what is holding it together.  Without the leader boards, there was not enough length in the thread to tie the square knots....After about four, which took about 15 minutes, I decided that the glue was going to have to do on this one....

Believe me.  I will not forget to weave in a couple of tongue depressors before I start next time.  That will keep the edge straight and leave me enough thread to tie the knots.

Eskiaga volunteered to sit in it to show it off....He doesn't know that it is going in the Weaver's Workshop or in the waste basket.  It is a toss up as to where it goes right now.

Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon, I decided that I was tired of looking at a Nestles water bottle, sitting on the nightstand.

I fancied it up with a bottle cozy.  Simple double crochet in rows.  Then when I noticed that I was going to run out of thread I switched to 1 dc and two chains, alternating.  I finished it by chaining a cord to run through the top.

And....a longer chain with what was left to tie on the bottle if I want to carry it anywhere.

I made the mistake of filling it with Cherry Pepsi.  Tessie is trying to figure out how to get into it.  Ladder and looooong straw?

Back to the Bloomie's Box now.

See you tomorrow.


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Well, I like your rug, it looks very good to me!
Being a pro, I know that you are a lot tougher on yourself than others would be and you know all the things that woulda coulda shoulda, but I give it two thumbs up!
I like your bottle cosy too!


Cara said...

Personally, I think the rug looks great!

Mary said...

The rug looks lovely to me, I really like the colors and Tessie's stripes worked out great. I would hate to see all your hard work go into the trash.

Caseymini said...

I think I will keep it after all. It seems to be getting compliments, even though it is a bit wobbly along the starting edge. Thanks to you all! Eskiaga has the right idea. If there is a flaw, put a chair on it. LOL

12Create said...

Inspired by you I have just picked up a loom to have a go at making a rug. Hopefully I will remember to put in a leader board when I have a go. I think your rug looks great anyway.

Caseymini said...

12Create, I would suggest two leader boards, the size of tongue depressors. That way, when you get finished you will have enough thread to tie it off. square knots. Outside threads on both sides should be double.

Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, I have done lots of real sized wall hangings and mats and should have remembered to put in something to give me extra thread for knotting it when finished... Oops!

I am, in no sense of the word a "pro" at mini rug weaving. If at first you don't succeed, keep trying. That's the way I do it. Practice. Practice. Practice!

Deni said...

I think the rug worked out great!
Looks great from here anyway!
love the colours
Love to crochet and I did make a few things years ago but when I tried again arrggghhh looked awful so away in the cupboard it all sits lol a million other things!

Veronique Blommaart said...

Desperately trying to see what you are talking about but I'm sorry, I can't find it. To me, the edges look fine! So whatever you did to fix it, it worked! :-)