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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yes. Yes. And No....

Did I work on the bunny basket?  Yes.  It is approximately 1/2" higher than it was yesterday.  I still need to go a bit more before I start closing in the door.

Tessie keeps looking at it and saying, "It needs to be people sized...She evidently heard April's comment on Monday.
Yes. I also worked a little on wicker.  I got the first two rows of loops on the half round table.

In case anybody is wondering this one is about 3" across the back and 1 1/2" front to back.  Both the top and the bottom.  It will be about 2 1/2" high. 

I probably won't get too much done today.  Wednesday(mini) Witches are meeting.
No.....I still haven't done the workroom...Ick!

I guess that I will have to break down and clean up whilst Walter is at golf tomorrow.

At least I still have paths to the most important areas.  I can get to the saw, the supply drawers and the desk. 

No place to work, but that's OK.  Remember?  I moved the worktable back to the bedroom.

I am off to clean up other parts of the house and get ready to go to the meeting.  The NAME convention is over.  I can't wait to see what the projects were that were done by the participating witches.

See you tomorrow.


hopeful said...

Casey: I actually thought the picture of your workroom looked relatively tidy. You can actually walk in the door and move into the centre of the room. In my work area, if I can accomplish that I'm ecstatic! - Marilyn from Canada

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is coming along beautifully. You do the weaving very well and accurately.
big hug,

franca gamberoni said...

Hallo Casey,
Nice to meet you! I've been following you every day for months, and I'm reading your past posts in the meanwhile...
I'm a very fan of yours from Genoa, Italy.
I like very much your work,your stories and your way of working (very similar to mine!!). Sorry for my English...reading you in that language I'd like to try,but if it is to bad,I'll write in .Italian...
I'm new in the 'blog's world' and I'm still doing a lot of error...sorry again.. Thanks a lot for all and ...I'll keep reading your posts bye bye

hopeful said...

Franca: I just read your post. Your English is very good. I envy you. If my French were as good as your English I would be very happy. And my Italian? - Nonexistent! - Marilyn from Canada

mcddiss said...

sigues tan activa como siempre , con varios proyectos a la vez , me encantan esos muebles de mimbre mini, son estupendos