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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Working While Walter Plays.....

Actually, we are playing too...

First of all, Tessie demanded a "new" hairdo.  Strange thing is, it looks just like her old one...She just didn't like all of the curls and ribbons.

Now she looks more like herself.
Walter took off for the golf course and the Terrible Two set to work, while I went to forage for breakfast.  They have a breakfast buffet here...Thank goodness, there is also a microwave in the room.  By the time I got it back here, it was cold.

Tessie went to work on a basket tray that she found, half done from our last trip.  Zar has been bookbinding.

Spike is supervising and I think that Bunny went back to sleep.  Lazy rabbit!
After breakfast, I got out my rug box.  No...I still haven't finished the rug for the craft cottage.  I probably won't get a lot done, but I'm trying.

When Walter gets back, I imagine that we will find another movie and go back to AZ Mills to shop some more.

Not a very long entry, but I have places to go and rugs to make.

See you tomorrow.

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Lucille said...

Looks like the terrible two are keeping busy and being quiet! The new hairdo looks nice on Tessie! You seem to be enjoying your little vacation.