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Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Is a First....

I am doing this on the new laptop that we got a few months ago!

Walter did the figuring out and I am following his example. I am mean.  I talk him into the figuring out part.  He's good at that.

I uploaded the photos and everything!  And it didn't go up in smoke or explode...Yet.
It was kind of an emergency.  We are going up to Scottsdale for a couple of days. We figured out hat weekends don't have to start on Friday, now that he is retired.

Tomorrow's the day.

I got ready by cleaning out my traveling work box.  Tessie got ready by climbing into and claiming a section of said work box.

Zar grabbed a spot in the camera case, as protector of rechargeable batteries.

For some reason, Spike is nowhere to be seen, but Bunny is not choosy. I do hope that there was no foul play or locking dogs in closets involved....
I'll bet you thought that I forgot about the dying of thread...Nope.  It took this long for it to dry.  The humidity is ridiculous at the moment.  It took three days and counting.

I should be able to wind it into balls later today.  Maybe I will take a nice relaxing piece of wicker to work on and leave the Terrible Two + Bunny home to fight it out.

After all.  I can close neither the work box OR the camera case with the Terrible Two involved.

I guess I should go see if the thread is ready for winding now.

See you Tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Lucky you to be getting away for a few days. I wish I had a cottage to go to. Somebody lent me a dehumidifier and did it ever help get the humidity down. I was able to function finally. But today and tomorrow, there is no humidex and it was so wonderful last night sleeping with a cold breeze coming in. If only it could be like that all summer.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Your dyed threads are really beautiful colors!! I think that since you find the weaving both portable and relaxing, it will be a great way to pass some time as Walter will no doubt be enjoying the wonderful golfing in Scottsdale. . I used to vacation in Mesa in the summer, which is not that far away ,and my husband was always first on the greens in the cooler wee hours of the morning. But I always opted for the cool climes of the Air Conditioned condo. Whew!! it was Hot! They use to call all of the Canadians that migrated there, "snow birds" but the heat made me feel like my Canada Goose was being cooked! Enjoy your stay and come home with some More of your fantastic weaving to show us! Looking forward to seeing how you use that batch of newly dyed yarn, You dream weaver you!


12Create said...

I love the blue coloured thread in particular Casey. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Caseymini said...

Actually, the thread is more of a faded Forrest green.

Debora said...

I've really been enjoying following your blog!