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Monday, July 8, 2013


I decided that I was not in the mood for dressmaking today.  I went for wicker instead.

I did something easy, but now I don't think that it works in the box.

I will include the directions if someone is inclined to try it.

Part of the problem is, with so small a space, it looks coarse.  I used #10 thread and I should have used 20.  It would be fine elsewhere, but not here.

I started with a 1" by 2" Woodsie and went with 41 holes around the edge.  You have to have an uneven number for the weaving to go right.

I glued a short piece of fabric covered wire in each hole with white glue.

Starting in one corner, I glued the end of the waxed thread inside the corner and wrapped along the long edge.

Here's the weaving pattern.  Two rows of overhand loops.  Seven rows of plain weaving.

Repeat those two sections three more  times and then finish off with another two rows of overhand loops.

Next, braid your little brains out.  I started with over a yard of six threads.  Knotted one end and flat braided with two in each strand.  You need enough to go around the hamper three times.
Once at the bottom and twice at the top.

One braid around the bottom wood.  One around the lid and one at the edge of the top.

I may dip this one in walnut stain and see if that helps.  Right now it looks out of place.  I fear that it will still look that way when stained.

Anyway, so much for the hamper for today...Tomorrow's another day, as they say....There's those "theys" again.

See you tomorrow.


hopeful said...

Casey: I think the size is okay and I love the weaving pattern you used. I do agree with you that it looks out of place right now but only because it looks so bright and new. I'm sure the stain will mellow it out to the point where it will look great. - Marilyn from Canada

Lucille said...

It's a gorgeous basket but it's too hidden in that spot. Such a beauty should be out in the open. Maybe if you could make a flatter basket for that shelf so that whatever you put in it could be seen.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! I think that both "hopeful" and Lucille have valid points. Your basket does indeed look out of place because of the newness of it and yet the basket itself is very nice! I think that Lucille is correct in saying that it reads too high and therefore the contents would be lost on the viewer unless it was made with lower sides and that would also make it look less 'heavy' with it under the table. I must say that you seemed to be able to whip out a basket and wicker chairs at the drop of a hat! Most impressive. Most Impressive Indeed!


Caseymini said...

Hampers are closed baskets with lids. You don't see the contents....however, you guys are a step soon as I finished writing the blog, I tore all of the thread off and started reweaving with some #20 thread that I hand dyed about 20 years ago. I found just enough khaki green/brown for what I decided to do. You are right about an open basket for the bottom shelf of the table. It will be much more interesting with the contents pouring out onto the floor...I should have it finished tomorrow.

12Create said...

Wonderful basket and I agree with all the above comments made.

Fabiola said...

Your basket is fabulous!
Greetings, Faby

Troy said...

I absolutely love your wicker and basket projects - they are very inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Deni said...

Love all that wonderful weaving you do!
Wish i was that keen I would not know how to start