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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Likes Watching the Glue Dry.....

Did someone ask what Spike's favorite pastime is?  He was perfectly happy to sit and wait for all of the trim to dry and moreover, he was contented just watching it happen....

I thought that you would like to see how I managed to get wood trim to bow and fit the curved lid of the one box.
Yes, I did it to the top edge too.  It just depends on the wood trim that you choose.  These two trims were very bendy, so all I did was cut them to size, paint them, and while the paint was dry to the touch, but not completely dry, I simply put it in place and forced it to stay there with one of my exacto clamps.

As you can see, once they are all the way dry, they just automatically stay that way.

The test is, to see if you can get the cut piece to pretty much stay in place before painting.

Tessie immediately inspected and said it needs more gobbledygook, her word, not mine.  I imagine she is right...It is Victorian, after all.

I dug around and found enough chair rail and other wood that I needed, and finished the half timbers in the dressing room.

Lettice approves of that, as is. Although, after a conference with Tessie, she said it needed more ageing.

I need to separate those two.
As for the Mystery Box, I did get some baseboards installed...I have to figure out how to ask for help without giving the mystery away.

So far, it is a very boring box...Gotta work on that.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Thanks for that gluing tip, Casey. Things are coming along. Spike is being his usual patient self from what I can see!

2minimom said...

Well, so far, so good! Everything is looking so pretty. The background is always the hardest for me, I want to jump right in to "fun" decorating parts.