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Monday, June 17, 2013

And the Beat Goes On.....

That is Tessie's beat for petition signing...

In the middle of last night, about 3AM, I heard noise in the living room and went to investigate.

The fan light was on and Tessie was trying to get Cordelia and Eskiaga to sign the paper.  The trouble with this was....neither of them had any complaints.

She is trying to make me think that I am way behind on upkeep....It's not working.

This morning I did repair Nellie's front foundation.  Now all I have to do is paint it.

Tessie's nose was out of joint the whole time.  First she hung over the edge of Nellie's bed and complained.  That lasted until Nellie kicked her out for making too much noise.

It's hard to concentrate on stitchery when someone is shouting.
It was much better when I used the old "white washing the fence" trick.  I kept telling Nellie how much fun I was having and she agreed that it really looked like a fun job.

The next think I knew, Tessie was handing me the stones to put in the space.  As soon as it dries, I will paint it...I wonder if the whitewash trick will work twice in one day?

I still need to take the chimney off and see to the wiring in this one too...  Did I mention that I don't like wiring?  I don't.  I can do it.  I just don't like it.

Only a few more rows on the top end of the remote.  Actually, that's the bottom end.  The end that does the work is his chin.  So close.  Yet so far...

Back to work of one kind or another.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I love your work on the remote and I love that you don't like wiring. Misery loves company!

maria l. said...

Una preciosidad, como siempre. Estoy prendada del tapete y la escena de inicio.