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Friday, May 10, 2013

Closer and Closer...And Closer still....

The landscaping is finished....If I don't decide to add some vines to the first side I did.

This morning I raided the Rosemary bushes in the back yard again.  I only take the dead branches from underneath.  They are the most fun for trunks of trees and gnarly vines.

Tessie helped me glue and tape the branches to the house where they touch the walls.

I had already done the ground plantings on this side...She gad to be very careful where she stepped.  Bare feet are not always the best in AZ.

I wear flip flops most of the year, when in the back yard.  Just to be safe...Not her...She is brave or foolish.  I won't say which.

After the branches were dry, I did the same thing that I did to the one in the front.  Reindeer moss and glue.

Please excuse the mess in the front yard.  Those are decorative trim for the roof peak.
Here, you can see a little different angle.  I continued the ground plantings across the back of the house also.

Tessie seems to ignore the fact that there should be a wall on that side.  She is used to living in an open house.

Don't ask...She is watering the cacti with a Styrofoam cup full of tap water.  That will keep her occupied for a while...It's a small cup.
A little better view of the back or the cottage.  Looking at it from here, I think that the first side needs some vines or trees to balance it out.

Just a couple more days of finishing things up and there will be a housewarming party...You are invited.

Here's a close up of the tree out front.  You can see how I sort of wrap the moss around the branches. 

I like leaving a few of the branches bare, so that you can see the form of the tree.

This is a terrible photo of the woodpecker, but since I have woodpeckers that live in my back yard in real life, I had to have one by the cottage...I forgot the squirrels.  Yet another thing to add.  Or maybe I will just dig a few holes and say that they are sleeping.

I am off to finish the landscaping and clean up the mess.  And I do mean mess.  It is amazing how much stuff it takes to landscape a two foot square board.

See you tomorrow.


Grandma C said...

Loving it. And Tessie with the small cup, hilarious LOL

Kristen/Kris/Penny Doll said...

Casey, i absolutely love it! And how quickly its come together! Have u thought about what's.coming next? I'd love to see.something completely fun and insane. I'm jealous of all the houses u have under ur bed and able to do whatever u choose at the drop if a hat. I decided to try and trade my 1/2"scale The Fairfield i got by accident n try to trade it out for a1"scale house. Put stuff up on GL forums to see what response i get. Knock in wood.
Again ur place is usual. I just can't wait to see what's up next. Btw did u finish the clockwork cottage for Zar yet? Tty guys soon. Hi Tessie n Zar!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I am surprised you get so many plants on such a small house base.Loving it! I don't think I have seen a mini house landscaped with desert plants before.What are the pros and cons of gluing the house to the base?

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, the house itself is not glued to the base. It is held in place by all of the landscaping around it, that is glued in place. If I ever had to take it off for any reason, I still could. All I would have to detach would be the bottom of the trees.

12Create said...

Ooh, I must go out and check my rosemary bush.

hopeful said...

I love your landscaping Casey. It looks fantastic and really inspires me to look at things in different ways. Thank you for so much entertainment and inspiration! - Marilyn

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Sorry, cannot use words right now...too busy dreaming of that wonderful cottage... Absolutely lovely!
Big hug,