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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Still No Front Door....

This morning I went on a scavenger hunt.  It was for things that I need to put into the cottage....I am still a ways away from having all of the stuff that I want to put in it, but now I am so much closer than yesterday.

I spent the day filling boxes, stocking shelves and remaking some of the stuff that I was going to use.

Meanwhile, Zar made himself comfortable on the daybed and read the Racing Form...He has a system....He just reads the Form.  He doesn't bet...That way he is always "ahead of the game", or so he tells me.
Here's a closer look at the workstation. I still need to put in a few tools and other little stuff, but it is coming along nicely.
On the far side of the room, I found Tessie plopped in MY chair woofing down pizza.

She is avoiding me as much as possible....Or should I say she is avoiding work as much as possible...How about another bug beer, Tessie?

For some reason she wouldn't look me in the eye and was trying not to talk to me....

Methinks that she is guilty of something or other...
Aha!  That's what it was....I now have a dog.  She zapped Spike's favorite bed, and his food and water bowls from her townhouse to the attic.

He has gradually been spending more and more time up there.

Since I moved the boxes in he has been doubly happy.  He can now gaze out the windows and...chew the heels off of all of my old shoes....Yes I saved them...I might need the leather for something mini....If he doesn't eat it all.

I guess, for the present, I will let him hang out.  The shoes are fine to chew.  The first time he goes for a silk tie he is toast!

Now my only problem is how to gently shove the Terrible Two out so that I can get some more work done.  Somehow, I feel control of the situation slowly slipping from my grasp.

See you tomorrow...


Grandma C said...

Casey, this room is so adorable! I love all the little containers filled with goodies. So small! Amazing!

Patsea said...

This room really coming along so well! I just love it!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Your Craft Cottage will be
fun to spend some time in, when you
convince Tessie and Zar to leave. Of
course, you will have to make your-
self under 6 inches tall to get in.

Lucille said...

Casey, it's so interesting to look at all the little accessories you have gathered to make interesting vignettes. I love all those wee jars filled with colourful objects. Well, the gang is all there! Tessie stuffing herself, Zar lounging on the divan reading his race track form, and Spike ever busy gazing out the window! You have a very busy little space there! Good luck getting rid of them! They seem to like what they consider their new mini quarters!

Sans! said...

Casey, I think this is one of the closest mini room to a real life craft room that I have ever seen. Perhaps it is close to your heart. I think we have seen enough of what you do to believe that this is indeed your room. OMG, even those shoes !


Fabiola said...

This room is wonderful. I like Spike's bed.
Bye, Faby

Neen said...

The room is so welcoming, no wonder Tess and company have moved in!