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Monday, April 8, 2013

Ruffles and Flourishes...

Two out of three are done.  The one over my desk is longer than I thought.  I had just enough to do that and the one over the worktable.

I am thinking of doing the third one, over the daybed in a different style, but the same material.  We shall see.

As usual, Tessie jumped in to pose with the new curtain and make a few remarks about how she would love a craft cottage, all her own...

If you look closely, my favorite woodpecker has landed on top of the new ruffle...  Tessie is trying to coax him down....Seriously?  Do you really think that a pizza and bug beer is a healthy diet for anyone, let alone a woodpecker...Yes...We do call him Woody.  Sorry.  Can't resist a good name.

Zar is hinting that HE would love a finished workshop to build Steampunk paraphernalia... I get the hint....I'm just not paying any attention to it.

Each of the two windows have a ledge sticking out about a half inch. It is an extention of the ceiling piece for the bay windows.  It made a handy valance on which to fasten the curtain.  I simply cut them to length and ran a bead of glue around the edge.  I stuck the gathering part to that.  Done...

I intend to put some other stuff on both of the shelves, I just stuck the things that you see up there to see how they would look.

I have added a wood and board supply, along with some "real" sized wood for finishing room boxes, etc..

I made Zar move so that you could get a better view of the area.

The tiny manicure kit on the desk and the reed basket to the right of the desk are pieces that my friend Jo made for me. 

There is practically enough stuff in the basket to finish a dollhouse in that size!  Really neat stuff.

I have all of the essentials.  a carton of pepsi and a few tools are all I need to get to work.

Speaking of getting to work....I am not going to.  It is our wedding anniversary today so we are going out to have fun instead.

See you tomorrow.


Patsea said...

Happy anniversary! Enjoy your day.

Lucille said...

Dear, dear Casey! Congratulations to you and Walter on your Wedding Anniversary! Hope you have a lovely day.

The corner you have created with the curtained window, paraphernalia on the ledge, and aound the table and in the baskets make for such a charming cottage arrangement. Dear Casey, you have the magic touch!

chapchap73 said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! Be sure to lock the Terrible Twosome in a display case so you can have a quiet evening:)

De said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a fun day.

I really like your craft cottage. Can't wait to see it finished!

Cara said...

Happy anniversary, Casey and Walter!!

12Create said...

Woody is very cute.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I hope your Anniversary
Day was pleasant.

mcddiss said...

muchas felicidades por el aniversario de bodas
esas cortinas han quedado muy bien ,Tessie sigue con su particular forma de hacer las cosas jajaja



Giac said...

Hello casey,
Happy anniversaryy! I wish you all the best. The curtain is did a great job with the ruffle. It is perfectly to scale and hangs very realistically.
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

Happy Anniversary! now that the curtains are finished you can relax and enjoy your anniversary celebration.

hopeful said...

Happy Anniversary Casey! And many more!! - Marilyn