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Friday, April 19, 2013

Let Me Out of Here!!!

I went and got the things from Sue, that I left behind yesterday.

Of course the Terrible Two were waiting at the door to see what else I purchased. 

Tessie immediately grabbed a pair of glasses....It didn't matter that she couldn't see through them. 

She squinted at me and asked, "Now do I look intelligent?"
I refused to answer the question for fear that she would retaliate if I told her what I really thought.

She and Zar proceeded to inspect the tall, six sided, case that used to be a pipe display case. 

She stepped inside and Zar slammed the door.  He turned to me and grinned....An evil grin....

"Can we lock her in for the rest of the day?  There's a hole in the top.  She will get plenty of air."

I didn't answer for a while...Sure was quiet.

The four plastic boxes that Zar is standing on, to keep the door closed are full of Chrysnbon silverware.  I got five of those in all.  There is also a shaker shelf with drawer, by Gary Larson.  I like his work.
The glasses that Tessie grabbed were from this sack.

It is all kinds of glasses, safety pins hair pins, combs, scissors, belt buckles and a nail file.

I thought  sure that she would choose the round "Harry Potter"styled glasses.  Nope.  Very conservative.  Run of the mill. 

I imagine that, since there are new combs and hairpins at her disposal, she will want a new hairstyle.

That can wait.

I tried cleaning the tower.  It came out pretty good.  At least good enough to see a cat through it.  I was tempted to cram him in to take a photo, but  I am not quite that crazy...Yet.

Anyway.  That's the day so far. I have to get back to working on the cottage.  If I get it finished, I can play with something else....Like a six sided tower?  Maybe.

See you tomorrow.


Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Nice purchases, Casey. Can't believe you forgot them the first day, but it happens to me to sometimes. My doctor advises me to take Vitamin D and Tylenol to avoid it, lol... Anyway, would love to see how you are going to use that glass display. Let the Sun shine for you and your intellegent gang this weekend and ever after! Natalia

Idske said...

You're really not that crazy! It was my immediate thought when I saw the photo: would your cat fit in the tower? My cat never goes along with these things though...

Mary said...

You have collected many interesting new items. Widget is so handsome, reminds me of my late Kit. Kit would have climbed right in, he loved boxes and containers.

12Create said...

The six sided tower has a lot of potential for a new project.

Lucille said...

Lovely purchases, Casey! Your cat looks like it wants to get into the box!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Casey! Love the little collection of grooming goodies that you have shown us. How long did Tessie stay inside the tower? I imagine she was pretty choked at Zar when she was freed! Do you think that she will try and get back at him for this little prank, or is she the forgiving type?


Fabiola said...

The tower is perfect for a new project.
I like your purchases.
Bye, Faby

Maribel Damian said...