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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Before and After....Washing.

I thought that you might be interested in how the shirt with the tangles did in the wash.

It came out pretty good actually.  I may go over some of the darker areas, but all in all, I am pleased.

I went back to Hobby Lobby yesterday morning and grabbed another pen that I wanted to try.

These are the four pens that I had available.

The first one is the on that I bought yesterday.  It's a Pentel Permanent Gel Pen.  The last one is the one I used on the shirt.

If I do any more, I think that I will try the third one.  It's a Permawriter Two.  It seems to have gone through the wash the best on the strip of muslin that I tried the pens on.

The Zig pen that I used on the shirt isn't nearly as bright on the muslin strip and surprisingly, the second one, that I thought would come out the best (India Ink) didn't do so well.

Anyway, that's how it went with the pens.  I think that there may be some more shirt work in my future.  I also found some textile medium in  with my acrilic paints.  I used to do a lot of that back in the 80s.  Maybe there will be a revival!
While I was doing the wash, I worked on the rug some more.

It's coming along pretty good.  I did have to rip out a couple of colors that I wasn't pleased with, so that slowed me down a bit.

Now I am going back and finish the wash.  I won't make you look at photos of that...

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! I wouldn't mind looking at photos of your wash! Is your white very, very white, like a good housekeeper's whites should be? I think you're probably a very good housekeeper. I'm sure that when Walter comes back from a golfing session, he expects to have a clean house waiting for him. I read somewhere on the internet that golfers always expect a clean house when they come home and everybody knows that what we read on the internet is always true! Chow dear Casey. Have a nice evening!

Caseymini said...

Dear Lucille. I really have you fooled! My house is far from perfect! How do you think I have so much time for doing minis?LOL

mcddiss said...

creo el estampado del jersey ha quedado muy bien, a ver ahora que se te ocurre, la alfombra lleva buen ritmo



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That is just beautiful. I love the design and it looks fantastic on the blue. Another project to try in futur. Have fun with the laundry.
Big hug,