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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Little of This and That....

Yesterday afternoon, I worked on the rug some more...It always takes a lot longer than I think that it is going to take.  I want it to be done, but I don't want to sit there more than a few hours at a time. Bah Humbug!

I went back to work on the floor situation in the workroom a couple of days ago...

I found a bunch of the cut up magazine pages for basket making.  I confess.  The six year old took over and I got this much done before I kicked her out.

Somehow, Zar got the idea that it was for his dog...

Not so much anymore. It outgrew him.  I am thinking of trying to make a beehive type basket for Widget.  His canvas one is wearing out....We shall see.  I may have to let the six year old back in.  That is the part of me that wants to try it.  You know....It's the "I can if I want to!" attitude.

While cleaning, I found these two turn of the century whatnot shelves.  It was a shame to hide them again.  Someone put a lot of work into them....

Plywood has been found as far back as aneicnt Egypt, but they have to have been made after 1905 or so.   That's when plywood first became a mass produced product and popular to work with.  These are oak veneered and nicely finished.

I think that I may put an easy chair on each one.  The Terrible Two can use them for home base.  That way, I won't be running all over to find them when I want to take photos.

Now.  About that pile on the floor the other day...Does this look familiar? 

Yup, I am back to a laundry basket full to put away.

Hey!  Don't nag.  I'm getting there...If I can only keep the six year old mind set at bay, I will soon be finished....Once again.

See you tomorrow.


Virginia Isabel CoMa said...

La alfombra me parece súper original.

Lucille said...

Ahha, Casey! The beat goes on, the beat goes on! Anyways, it's better to have it all in a big basket than little piles here and there, on this chair and that one. I must go clean off the piles on my chairs and put them where they belong.