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Saturday, March 30, 2013

To Quote Zar....

"I am tired of waiting.  I am taking matters into my own hands!"  And he did.

When I went to look at the cottage this morning, this is what I saw.

Zar was laying cork tile in the attic.  That was not what I had planned, but when I asked what he was doing...he told me the above and then added, "I didn't like the stuff that you had in mind.  Cork is much more practical for a storage area.  If you drop things, and you often do, they just bounce and don't break in  a million pieces."

He was exaggerating just a bit, but he's right.  It is more practical, in the long run.

After he finished the tile, with a lot of criticism from Tessie, I put in some very plain baseboards.

I was too lazy to go hunt for pins to hold them in place, so I just stuck them in place with a couple of Exacto knives.  The blue clamps are holding the front edge piece in place.

This is what I used for the  tile.  It is shelf liner by Duck.  I got it at Lowe's.  The nice thing about it is, if you want 12" tile(one inch scale) The lines are already on the back at half inch intervals.  All I had to do was follow every other little green line to get them straight.

I couldn't resist filling in the blanks to see how things are coming along.  Nothing is stuck down or even close to finished, but I think that it is coming along nicely.  It won't be long now, if I can get the Terrible Two to stop eating pizza and get out of the way...

I still have a lot of things to build to fill it up and I need to make the base to sit it on.  Then there will be landscaping....As I said....A long way to go...

See you tomorrow.


12Create said...

Ooh, I'd like a craft space like that. Looking great.

Tanja - SugarCharmShop said...

Very cool to see the progress of all your miniature projects! :)
And Zar is quite the genious.

Lucille said...

Zar did a fantastic job! It will be a cute little space once you're finished. May I wish you a Happy Easter!