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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Last Day....

No....Not of the 2011/2012 winning blog.  Just of the voting for this year's winner of the Best Miniature Blog of the year.

It has been a close race all the way through and I would love to win again, but if I don't, I will be happy to see Brae win.  She does lovely work.

Now, with that said, go poke the green badge at the right and vote for Tessie.  She is going to be in a snit for weeks if we don't win.

I haven't gotten a lot done today....I have, but it doesn't look like it.

I did two more sides of the house almost to the finishing point...
After taking photos I can see a few places that need touching up.  But for all intents and purposes, I have three sides done now....Please don't look at the roof.

I didn't say anything about shingles.  That spot that you see is all that is left of that job...OK...So I got bored.  Shingles are like that.

I am sure that you noticed by now that the Terrible Two are out of the dungeon.

Spike couldn't stand the wailing and moaning.  He took them the key last night, about midnight.  It was building as the night went on...
At least they settled their differences.  They decided that it was only fair to let me have MY daybed, since I built it.

One more wall to finish...They are using that one as a base for their planning.

Now they are making plans for a new project when I finish this one....No rest for the wicked. Weary or otherwise.

I asked what it was going to be, but they wouldn't show me the plans and went so far as to Swear Spike to secrecy too.

I had better get back to work.  I want to finish the last wall today and maybe, just maybe, the shingles too.  No promises.

It will be about a week until we know the outcome of the Best Mini Blog voting.  However it comes out...You will still have to put up with me and the gang every day of the year....Sorry about that.  It's an addiction.  I am on a 5 year roll...Can't quit now!

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Best of luck to you! I'm glad those 2 stopped complaining...for now.
Big hug,

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I always enjoy visiting your light-hearted blog. It makes me smile. Good luck on the contest!

Lucille said...

I love your stonework, Casey! Am I the only person in the world who does not mind doing siding and shingling roofs?!! I wonder what the little guys have in store for you! Their discussion seems rather animated. It's always in the way you position their little bodies, of course. You are the genius behind all of this, Casey! And, you are good at it. As for Spike, he appears to be looking for something as he looks over yonder! Hope he finds it.

Dear Casey, I must say I am relieved that the voting part of the contest is over. As I wrote on Brae's blog, I will not be participating next year because it tears me apart.

I love both of you, Casey! I'm happy if you win and sad if Brae loses. On the other hand, I'm happy if Brae wins but sad if you lose. So, you see, it's not a winning proposition for me because I'm so involved with the two of you.

Anyways, regardless of what happens, both of you are winners. Love you guys!

Eva - tatalamaru said...

La competencia es dura. Los cinco blogs sois fantásticos!!! Ahora pensaré y daré mi voto, XD.
Por cierto, me alegro que hagan planes juntos y hayan arreglado sus diferencias. Seguro que lo terminas. Besos

Cara said...

Good luck Casey and company! I also think Brae does great work and I like her blog but I just happen to like yours better :) That aside, I really love how the cottage is coming along! Maybe you could bribe Spike with a cookie for a little insight into the Terrible Two's plans.

Caseymini said...

Cara, he would probably rather have a T bone steak. Good idea though!

Fabiola said...

This house is fantastic.
Good luck on the contest!
Bye Faby