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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No More Sticky Velcro!!!

Troy made a comment on yesterday's blog, saying that there probably were more uses for sticky Velcro in miniature....He was right...

Before it was done with, we found three more uses just yesterday.

The first was to firmly seat my very first(and last) soft sculpture Tudor doll, so that she will not fall off of the shelf anymore....Right now she is sitting on the TV base, but I can't count the times that she has been found on the floor because she just doesn't stay put. 

Now she will...
The next one was....Tessie caught Spike.  He could sit any place that there was a hooky spot...

That didn't last long however...He wiggled out of it....Promptly chewed the spot off of his tail and went after Tessie with a vengeance...He is a true Pacifist Pit Bull....But Tessie took it a little too far, so he had to do something.  So he thought up a third use.
The third use is, when the spots are still on the plastic tape....You can grab the tape in your mouth and run around someone realllllly fast and tie them up. Thye tend to get stuck between all of the spots.

Then you sit on the end of the tape so that they can't get loose... And chuckle at them.

That application only works as long as you sit on the end of the tape...

After a while you will get bored and move onto something else.
In Spike's case, he let go, ran from the room really fast and I slammed the door.

He is now helping Zar and I with the cottage.  We finished putting on the shingles.  Maybe a little more staining and shading to do.  What you see right now is some that I did with artist's chalk.  Then I sprayed it with Patricia Nimock's matte sealer. 

I will do a bit more with my Prismacolor pencils.

I have to go into the workroom to get the pencils...I wonder if it is safe to go in there yet?

Tessie was steaming and not at all happy when we left.

Maybe the pencils should wait until tomorrow....

See you then.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! I love the brown shingles with the bluish rocks! It sort of looks a bit like a cottage in a fairy tale. Good for Spike for winning one over Tessie. He's a smart dog and it's starting to look like his favourite pastime is looking out the window. What is it that you use to keep Zar hanging on the roof?

Caseymini said...

Lucille, no Velcro . No nothing. He is just hanging there with his own strength and willpower! lOL

mcddiss said...

esos nuevos usos para el velcro son interesantes,seguro que Tessie no se lo esperaba , esas tejas quedan muy bien