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Monday, February 18, 2013

Taking Stock Of What's What...

I had to ban the Terrible Two from watching any more Lost Girl episodes.  It was getting way over PG-13 and way worse than Supernatural.  I didn't want them getting any ideas from it.  They are now back to watching reruns of Bewitched.  Much safer.  Tessie is practicing nose twitching....So far, she is unsuccessful.  Thank goodness!

Meanwhile, I spent part of the morning running errands in town and the other part cleaning out the Clockwork Cottage to see what still has to be done.  It was piled to the ceiling with supplies on both floors. 

That makes it kind of hard to work.  Now I have no excuse....Other than, I have to put all of the stuff that was shoved in there in it's proper place.

It looks like I am in pretty good shape on furnishings, with the exception of the dining room...Does Zar really need a dining room?  The only kind of parties he throws are the Hard Rock Hotel kind.  Loud music all night long.  But....Since the Clockwork Cottage is in our bedroom, maybe he does need a place for sit down, formal dinners....

The floor in that room is the brown version of the slate paper.

I finally found the rug for the kitchen.  It was in a shelf in the family room.  I won't have to replace it with anything else, in order to use it in the kitchen.  I do have to do something about the living room rug though. It is definitely too small.

Change of subject.  I found this book at the dollar tree....Yes. For a dollar.

My first thought was to use some of the illustrations for paintings in dollhouses...

After looking through it, I am fascinated with the structure of it and probably won't tear it apart. 

It is supposed to be letters between two people and all of the writing is in the form of correspondence between them. 

The great part is how it is illustrated.  In general the left hand page is for the writing and the right is for illustrations.
Some of the left hand ones have actual fancy envelopes with several pages of the letters. 

All in all, the book is outstanding, as far as layout and illustrations.

I haven't sat down to read it yet.  When I do, maybe I will change my mind about using the illustrations... I kind of doubt it though. 

I am trying to figure out if this is part of a series.  If it is, I will probably start looking for the rest.  I love the illustrations.  I have never heard of Nick Bantock, but after paying a dollar for the book, I am now a big fan!

Off to work and read....Not necessarily in that order....

See you tomorrow.


Steinworks said...

Im only going to watch Lost girl to see what happened to Kelsey cause she has that rash....on Bewitched wasn't Endora really mean to Derwood or was it Dillweed? she was always changing him into something..Tessie might get ideas

just sayin
M :)

Lucille said...

I need to clean mine out too. It's full of furniture because I've been trying out different layouts! That's a nice book. It's surprising what we can find at the dollar store. We finally got a Dollar Tree but it's so out of the way that I've only been once. I still shop at Dollarama.

Caseymini said...

Tessie already has ideas.... Thank goodness, the nose twitching is not working!

The grandmommy said...

The cottage is becoming very cozy. Like those floors.
My favorite scene on Bewitched was when Uncle Arthur said his feet were killing him and when you looked at them they were two pistols pointing at him. ahahahahaha

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

Im very very addicted to lost girl idk how you managed to pull them away. Doing the switch to bewitched is like jumping back to watching Mr. Rogers. Hopefully they dont change the station back when your not watching. It looks like a very nice book you made out at the dollar store :)

mcddiss said...

veo que tienes al duo terrible controlado con las series ,eso te dara un respiro ,creo que ese libro esta muy bien , a ver si encuentras mas , ya lo diras



Sylvie ls said...

the book is part of a series.
the first book is titled: "Griffin and Sabine An extraordinary correspondence" and is sold along with the following two volumes as a boxed set titled: "the griffin and sabine trilogy".
definitely worth buying.
beautiful words, beautiful pictures, beautiful genre
you will enjoy it

Sylvie ls said...

the book is part of a series. The first boxed set of 3 books is titled "the Griffin and Sabine trilogy"
beautiful books, must see and must read!