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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A (Rubber) Chicken in Every Pot....

Well....It had to happen.  Sooner or later, my working on Zar's cottage was going to annoy Tessie no end.

She came in from the front walk, where she campaigned all afternoon...She took one look at the stats and said, "This walking up and down with a stupid sign is not working!"

Thank goodness.  Now I can get her off of the streets.  She was walking up and down with the sign in one hand and her favorite rubber chicken in the other...shouting, "Vote for Tessie!  A rubber chicken in every pot!"  You have to admit, the slogan is different and will catch your attention...However, I don't think that more than ten people passed by.  Most of them were going to and from the school down the street.  Every time a ten year old would pass, she would run and hide.  Kids that age tend to frighten her. 

I mollified her last night by mending all of her cuts and bruises and making her a new dress.

She immediately started harping on the fact that I had been working on Zar's house again....Not a happy camper.

So this morning, I worked on her townhouse for a bit.  I put stained molding on all of the edges of the walls and floors.  It makes a big difference in the finished look.

She decided that she had had quite enough of watching Zar get all of his wishes fulfilled....No mention that I shelved his cottage to work on her townhouse in the first place. 
She arrived on her Italian bicycle and unceremoniously parked it in the front hall,plopped on the couch and settled in.

Did I mention that she stopped on the way back, at the tea shop and loaded in her favorite pumpkin teapot and a plate of cookies...She had a box of chocolates under her arm.  I am not sure where she pilfered that.  The tea shop doesn't carry chocolates.

She set the living room up so that she can eat on the couch and do kumihimo on her wheel, between bites.

Next she went upstairs and inspected the closet and armoire.  "Thank goodness!  Nothing is missing.  I was worried when I threw Cordelia out, that she might borrow a few things."

She didn't.  They're not the same size and Cordelia has decidedly more lady like taste that Tessie.

Last, she wen up to the workshop and checked the still.... She is brewing up something that smells like a combination of dirty socks and a little skunk mixed in.  I suspect that it is a gift for Zar...I had better warn him not to eat or drink anything she gives him in the next few days.

As for Zar, he moved back to the Clockwork Caravan(trailer) and took his keyboard with him.  He couldn't carry the stool for it too, so he grabbed one of the kitchen chairs and sat it on the roof. 

He is now up there rockin'out a lot of blues-y music.  I didn't know he was familiar with Elvis.  He just finished "Heartbreak Hotel".  I don't think that he is as mad at Tessie as she is at him.  I am hoping that this lasts for a few days.  Maybe I can get something accomplished

We shall see.  Stay tuned to see what happens.

Don't forget to go back to the top and press the badge to vote.  Tessie says "Please!".  You don't hear that very often from her!

See you tomorrow.


dolodd said...

Need more votes for Tessie. Winning blog does not include tutorials. Nice, but Tessie isn't there.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey and Tessie. I voted for you today (again). You are gaining!Of course!

I appreciated seeing the Townhouse and Caravan again. They both look

Lucille said...

Nice to revisit so many of the beautiful things you have made in the past,Casey! I say some of the things because there are so many, many more.

Lucille said...

Casey,I'm so tired tonight. It's one of those nights when I feel my age. I've had to brave a snow storm and howling winds to get to the library and I just finished reading and commenting on my blogs. It's 10:30. I can't even remember if I congratulated you on your nomination. I knew you would be a contender, of course. Well, anyways, Casey, good luck, dear friend! I have decided to keep my vote a secret. I think that is how it should be. That way, no one gets hurt and I can't bear to hurt anyone. So, there, I've said it.

Rosethé said...

votre travail, tellement varié, tant en meubles, maisons .. est impressionnant. C'est un régal de parcourir votre blog Casey !
je n'ai pas oublié d'appuyer sur le bouton pour voter.

mcddiss said...

veo que sigues trabajando en varios proyectos a la vez y que Tessi sigue con sus rabietas