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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Hole in the Wall Gang....

It is official....There will be no funny looking thingy sticking out of the wall in a weird place!

I took a hammer to it and it is gone.

Now.  All I have to do is fill in the cracks and paint.  When I took everything out, it left a hole that is 2" by 1 7/8".

I simply cut a piece of the part that I took out to that size.  No more hole...Just lines to fill in.  The white part is just unpainted wood that was under the structure.  That gives you some idea how big that thing was.  Zar would have run into it with his head when he was standing upright.
From the top side, there was a hole in the floor.  I cut another piece to fit that.  I will sink it in far enough that the wood replacement planks will be even with the present floor.

The area that Zar is standing in, will have two triangular steps to make a turn and get to the top.  They will be a little small, but then the whole staircase is small.  The hallway is only 2" wide!

Remember when Tessie was sliding down it in the bathtub?  That was before the outside wall was added or she would have been stuck in there forever.
I will try to get that done today. 

It seems that the Terrible Two have come to a compromise of sorts.

Tessie bribed Zar with the tufted Chesterfield sofa(if you talk to him, it's a couch) and a box of Cuban cigars that she found someplace.

Mind you, the sofa was NOT hers.  It was in the file box room.  She probably stole the cigars as well, but Zar fell for it.  She now gets to sit in the chair from 10:23AM to 1:23PM whenever she wants.

Zar plans to put a wide screen TV over the fireplace.  That will keep her out of his hair for at least 3 hours every day.  Good plan.  However, I am holding my breath until he actually pries her out of the chair at 1:23 PM this afternoon....If he can manage to do that, the plan might work.  We shall find out.

Zar talked her out of the branch made box and a slab of polished agate for a coffee table, for the time being.  He also stole one of the rugs that I wasn't using...Just trying it out for size. 

He doesn't even have a floor yet, but he has a lot of stuff to go on the floor that he doesn't have...But that's another of many decisions that need to be made.

See you tomorrow.

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Steinworks said...

I have to say I like the looks of the place, I know it's a little rough but I like it..are you going to make a steam punk flat screen too?